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Hummer company produces the lines of men's colognes, perfumes and deodorants. The company has lunched the first line collection, named Hummer and the first perfume was introduced in 2005. The Hummer perfumes launched it second campaign in collaboration with Hummer automobile company. By doing that the company has increased its brand awareness. The colognes has cinnamon leaves, bergamont, mandarin peel, pepper, bourbon, cardamom, elemi, red myrrh and incense.

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Hummer - Life Father, Like Son

Remember the old saying that justifies the nature of a son through the nature of his father? With the Hummer perfumes, this is a great example of how design, style, and spirit can pass from one generation (of cars) to another one (of fragrances). However, you should understand that this is just partially a matter of lines, volumes, and shapes; Hummer scents stand for their own and manage to suggest a sense of power and determination just by the way they surround you during the day or in the evening time, when you need such an effect most.

Two fragrances stand out from the crowd: H2 and Hummer, the original scent. H2 is dedicated to those who like power, but also indulge themselves in a sense of mystery, elaborated by the passionate combination of elemi, incense, and red myrrh. The light traces of bergamot and bourbon bring distinction and elevation to this otherwise sensible and dismissive understanding of the nature of a strong fragrance. Hummer by Hummer, on the other side is much more dedicated to supporting the original style of the brand. Leather and sandalwood suggest the positive effects of angularity, while notes of cardamom and pimento redistribute the force of the fragrance into areas unmapped before.

Leaving aside the fragrances, the sheer design of these bottles is proof that art can take any form, irrespective of the final uses of the object; shapes featuring the voluminous lines of a Hummer form the very basis of these spectacular perfumes in ways that we considered unconceivable in the years preceding the launch of these fragrances. Duotone boxes come to complement the light, yet luminous and fascinating texture of the glass and the fonts themselves remind us that we're dealing with a brand directly related to the Hummer cars.

If you take into account the immense power of these fragrances, the price they come advertised with is ridiculous. Irrespective of the way you decide to purchase them, online or offline, you should be well aware of the fact that there are few perfumes out there as elegant as H2 and Hummer that can be bought for such a low and customer-driven price.