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Houbigant is fragrance house, that was founded in 1775 in France. Jean Houbigant opened his fragrance business at age of 19. Nowadays, Houbigant company offers more than 12 perfumes to the market. Houbigant is an old fragrance house, that stays true to its traditions. The earliest launch of perfumes was in 1882 and the latest ones was lunched in 2010. Houbigant perfumes were made in alliance with perfumers, such Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Paul Parque, and Houbigant and Robert Bienaime.

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Houbigant - Old as a Mountain and Fresh as the Flowers on It

Sometimes it's not just the tradition the one that influences the entire set of concept behind a particular line of products, but Houbigant is able to prove otherwise. The incredibly rich experience of this house, which is older than the vast majority of the brands present on the market today, being founded in 1773, stands as a first sign that we're dealing with one of the most exquisite, if not important, producers on the market. Houbigant has such an interesting history that it could very well be the subject of a bestselling book.

There aren't many fragrances available on the market at a time from this producer, but this is not necessarily relevant. You get to choose from the few very best fragrances on the market because each one of them has its own, very powerful identity. Oscillating between flowers and deep aromas, Houbigant is creative whichever the context or the circumstance may be. For example, Duc De Vervins leaves traces of spices and amber, together with lavender, citruses, and oak moss. On the other side, the light, yet powerful combination of delicate and deep flowery aromas present in Quelques Fleurs represents the distinctive blending of delicacy and sophistication in one single bottle. Wear it in the evening time and impress your friends, or try it at nighttime, when the colors of the moon will understand the mystery of this very sensual and complicated perfume. Quelques Fleurs Royale is a third variety worth mentioning: Moroccan roses and Indian tuberoses are in the heart of this exquisite aroma that is perfectly suitable for every woman with fabulous tastes.

Houbigant has always displayed a complicated design; originating in the French Baroque era, this brand is nothing short from perfect: superb details, valuable materials, and a sense of decency mark the very nature of these bottles and boxes. Don't be afraid to show this perfume wherever you go because it is indeed a noble example of dedication and excellence.

Buy Houbigant online if you want to benefit from a superb blend of discounts and special offers. Purchasing over the web is your best shot, as this is not a case where the quality of the perfume is affected by the style or the intentions of an online retailer.