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Hilary Duff

Hilary Erhard Duff is an American singer, actress, song-writer and writer. Hillary has also designed her clothing line, called "Stuff by Hilary Duff". The line was launched in March 2004. Customers can buy her clothes all other Unites States in such stores such Target, Walmart. Her clothes is also being distributed in Canada, Australia and South Africa. The company, originally launched a clothing collection, that has grown into jewelry, perfumes. Duff launched the perfume, "With Love... Hilary Duff" in September 2006.

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Hillary Duff or How to Reinvent Delicacy

There are brands out there that say so much in so little gestures, brands that don't limit themselves to the narrow margins of one single perspective or style. In this refined category, Hillary Duff plays a special role because, apart from being purely eclectic in nature, it also redefines a few notions common to this field, such as transparence, texture, and angularity. From this point of view, buying products marked Hillary Duff is synonym to understanding that the art of perfumery is intricately related to design and fashion.

With Love is definitely the best example for the elements mentioned above. The light, yet effervescent nature of this oriental fragrance is enriched with various exotic fruits, with warm woods, and particular traces of amber in the effort of better embracing the idea of feminine spirits. Few ladies can afford to wear it, as few of them are as elegant and self-conscious as to understand all the facets of this perfume. If you're one of them, make sure you use it with great care and that, when you wear it, you accessorize it with fashionable clothes.

The real difference comes once you hold the bottle in your hands. This precious piece is actually a combination of very interesting levels of transparency and precise cuts, similar to those used to finish a diamond. The light is, from this perspective, nothing else than a way of justifying the shape of the bottle, just like the fragrance inside supports it from within. This elegant shape fits just well in an equally elegant box, featuring discreet Baroque and Art Nouveau elements. Even the shades on the box express delicacy and suggest that there's nothing as complicated and circumvallated as love.

This precious thing comes at a ridiculously low price. However, if you're stingy enough and want to reduce the price even more, you can simply order more than one bottle and try to determine your online retailer to offer you a discount. More often than not, discounts are possible and online sellers are open to such solutions if you buy large quantities or if you're a repeat client.