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Herve Leger

The founder of the company Herve Leger had always passion for fragrances. When he was 21 he decided to design his own series of perfumes with strong floral scents. The first comapny's fragrance was named Rose Leger and it was named after his lovely wife Rose. This fragrance was dedicated to her. It contains the ingredients of orchid, rose and musk.

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Wrapped in Herve Leger Perfumes

Herve Leger is a brand of exclusive modern couture, originally founded in 1985. It is famous for the creation of the Bandage Dress. Since 1998, the brand belongs to the Max Azria Group. The original concept behind the Herve Leger image is body consciousness: how does this concept reflect in perfumery? The parent company to first launch a Herve Leger fragrance is Procter & Gamble (1999); today, customers can purchase Herve Leger fragrances from Avon.

A good perfume is more than the sum of its parts and should have an identity of its own. The Herve Leger perfumes feature particularly harmonic formulas. Herve Leger for women (1999)-the creation of perfumer Alberto Morillas-is an oriental, woody fragrance, where the dominant notes ensure an inspirational mixture where even a well trained nose should encounter difficulties in distinguishing the individual scents of the raw materials: green apple, orchid, osmanthus, vanilla, amber, musk, and sandalwood. Rose Leger (2006) is a floral essence; recreating the smells of things you come across in nature-orchid, freesia, violet, peony, heliotrope, musk-is a science; inventing a fragrance, on the other hand, is an art; creating a perfume able to stir the senses and move the heart like Rose Leger is both an art and a science.

While the Herve Leger logo is based on severe typography inside a minimalistic square, the silhouetted shapes of the Herve Leger perfume bottles have been inspired by the curved feminine body. The Herve Leger perfume bottle is a blue sculpture reminding of a dancing queen chess piece. The pink Rose Leger perfume bottle was created with a similar concept in mind. The bottle of Herve Leger Ete is glamorous and shiny, just like the featured models on the Herve Leger catwalks: the texture of the glass mimics the signature bandage dress in a very creative and silky manner. Beyond design, keep in mind that the Herve Leger perfumes feature the best perfume packaging solutions which are sprays rather than bottles with a screw-on-cap, as they are especially designed to slow down evaporation and limit contamination.

How does Herve Leger add originality, tenacity and a new character to its notes? A pervasive scent doubled by a soft touch seems to be the recipe of their success when creating a wonderful fragrance composition.