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The Hermès company was established in 1997. The founder of the company is Henry Hermes, who was born in Germany. The company produces skin care, body care, body care products. In 2001 the company has launched sun protection products. The company has launched the line of perfumes for kids in 2005. Now the company offers more than 65 products in their collection.

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Hermès Perfumes Made In France: Take a Ride, Make Us Dream

Hermès was first established as a harness workshop in Paris; the business soon extended to luxurious saddlery retail, introduced the zipper in France, began to sell Kelly bags and scarves, created the Hermès silk tie, the first perfume-Eau d'Hermès, and Swiss watches. The flourishing Hermessence line of fragrances (exclusively in Hermès stores) was created in 2004 by Jean-Claude Ellena; the moment coincided with the entrance of Jean-Paul Gaultier in the Hermès clothing segment as the head designer. Today, Hermès is a well-known brand of perfumes, watches, fashion wear, stationery, enamel, tableware, jewelry, and decorative arts.

The newest successful creations of the Hermès perfumery department encompass supremely sophisticated perfumes and colognes:

As the original business of the Hermès family was a harness workshop, the Hermès logo consists of a noble carriage with horse; this orange signature dates from the early 1950s. The packaging solutions of the Hermès fragrance line of products are maintained by the company to incredibly high standards of elegance: Hermès does not cut the costs by giving up on their high-end materials, while the manufacturing remains impeccable, and the design concepts are always creative, fresh, and evocative. Loyal customers of Hermès are accustomed to perfection.

If you purchase an entire set of Hermès products featuring the same fragrance (such as the perfumed body lotion and the eau de toilette spray, or the eau de toilette and the eau de cologne, etc.) you will be able to layer the scent on your skin and achieve a longer lasting effect.