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Head & Shoulders

Head and Shoulders is the company that manufactures the anti-dandruff shampoo and it belongs to Procter & Gamble. Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo is the number one shampoo in the United States by dollar sales. Matt Elliott made Procter & Gamble researchers to start creating a new anti-dandruff shampoo in 1950. Nearly 10 years later the research went into making a new formula, which introduced phyrithione zinc as a new ingredient. Head & Shoulders was first launched in the U.S. market in November 196.

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Head & Shoulders - The HydraZinc Complex

Head & Shoulders is a brand of hair and scalp care products based on dandruff treatment advanced technologies. Since 1950, the Head & Shoulders experts have developed effective solutions to address scalp redness, itches, and irritation, remove flakes and control oiliness. The Head & Shoulders formula has been perfected over the years in order to create Pyrithione Zinc shampoos, conditioners, and treatments enhanced with natural ingredients such as almond oil, eucalyptus, and Aloe Vera, that smell and feel way better than the ordinary anti-dandruff products available on the market.

Currently, there are 11 distinct Head & Shoulders collections. Most products are available as shampoo, conditioner, and 2-in-1. The most popular lines are Classic Clean, Citrus Breeze (a citrus formula for oily hair), Refresh (a natural menthol formula), Ocean Lift (a sea mineral essence formula), Extra Volume, Smooth and Silky, Dry Scalp Care (a moisturizing solution), Sensitive Care (a hypoallergenic formula), Hair Endurance, Clinical Strength (an effective solution against severe dandruff), and Itchy Scalp Care (a soothing formula with eucalyptus).

The brought up to date shape of the Head & Shoulders bottles is now well contoured, more compact, and streamlined. All lines of products are effectively integrated into the general Head & Shoulders image. The bottles look very similar to one another: blue top and white bottle (except for Clinical Strength Shampoo bottle that features a marine blue). The upper part of the bottle is reserved to the Head & Shoulders logo, while the bottom is occupied by iconic representations of the specific lines they belong to, stylized into a curved, liquid, malleable shape featuring distinct colors (yellow for the lemon formulas, violet for the volume enhancers, magenta for the silky shampoos and conditioners, etc.).

Statistics conducted by the company show that the population affected by hair and scalp problems is rather numerous; thus, the niche of anti-dandruff shampoos addresses quite a wide segment of the population. As the Head & Shoulders policy is to turn the anti-dandruff treatment into a sensorial experience, the brand has lots of fans. Don't hesitate to place your order now and get rid of that upsetting dandruff for good with Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners.