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Hawaiian Tropic

The Company was established in 1969. The founder of the company is Ron Rice. He started the company with a $500.00 loan, that he took from his father. He combined the first batch of Natural Sun care Product in a metal bucket and he was selling it in his garage. After rapid success, he became the largest private producer of sun care products in America until the company was sold to Playtex Products Incorporation. The company launched series of sun protection products in alliance with Banana Boat. Later on Playtex became the largest manufacturer of sun care products in the West Cost. Shortly, Playtex Products was acquired by Energizer Holdings Incorporation for $1.9 billion dollars.

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Let the Sunshine In with Hawaiian Tropic

The Hawaiian Tropic brand promotes the patented Sun Sure Technology featuring advanced UVA and SPF protection. The Hawaiian Tropic range of products includes the tanning line, skin beauty solutions, and after sun lotions. The featured formulas are creamy, fragrant rich, enhanced with vitamins, skin conditioners, skin nourishing antioxidants, and quality moisturizing ingredients.

The best Hawaiian Tropic tanning oils are Dark Tanning (coconut / coco butter / Aloe Vera based formulas for glowing, soft skin), Royal Tanning (superior moisturizing solutions with natural ingredients, featuring easy even coverage), and Tanning Dry Oils (alcohol-free, exotic botanicals formulas). The tanning creams and lotions are infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, Aloe Vera, and coconut, being available at different levels of SPF. The Hawaiian Tropic self tanners belong to the Island Radiance line, available in several shades. Other popular products include Shimmer Effect lotions, Sheer Touch lotions, interesting solutions for sensitive skin protection featuring hypoallergenic, and oil-free formulas, Island Sport for active people, baby lotions featuring pediatrician and dermatologist approval, and Aloha Kiss-a lip gloss with exotic moisturizers. The best emollients to use after sun exposure are Shimmer Effect Coconut Papaya, Mango After Sun Crème Lotion, and Lime Coolada After Sun. You can even purchase after sun Cooling Gels with lidocaine to prevent discomfort and peeling.

The Hawaiian Tropic logo features two different type fonts, while the T letter from Tropic mimics a palm tree. A couple of orchid flowers are supposed to put forward the entire atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as imply their use of botanical based formulas. The two flowers are particularly visible on all the bottles, being an easily recognizable signature. All the Hawaiian Tropic packaging solutions resume to plastic bottles colored differently; most of these colors are light, summer colors, except for the Tanning line which features different shades of brown.

Before you pick up your sunscreen of choice and order it from our e-store at an exceptional price, you need to carefully consider the SPF of the Hawaiian Tropic products in order to be able to choose the best one for you. Think of the type of skin you have and use the SPF universal guide to determine exactly what your needs are. Please note that there are sun protection solutions from Hawaiian Tropic with up to 80 SPF available.