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Harley Davidson

The abbreviation of Harley Davidson brand is H-D. This is an American brand that manufactures motorcycles . It was founded during the first decade of the 20th century in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of two main motorcycle manufacturers in America that survived the Great Depression. The company sells motorcycles designed for driving on the highway. This company is also well-known for producing fragrances and cosmetic products for men.

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Harley Davidson Fragrances - An Extension of the Biker Myth

Harley Davidson is a powerful, masculine brand that went into a sector featuring different values: grooming products and fragrances. These perfumes and colognes have been co-developed with L'Oreal, but many of these are currently discontinued and rare. Are Harley Davidson perfumes meant for the brand's loyal black-leather biker who rides his angel down the road to nowhere, wind blowing in his hair? Gossipers who always find something to grumble about are reluctant to the idea of "motorcycle fragrances"; however, collectors of rare perfumes and Harley Davidson fans may have a different opinion on the matter.

The names of the Harley Davidson perfumery products have been carefully chosen to reflect the rebellious biker myth: Hot Road (woody eau de toilette spray featuring tobacco and green notes), Destiny (ethereal combination of white flowers), Territory (casual cologne), Cool Spirit (oriental, woody, minty cologne), and Legendary (woody eau de toilette with patchouli and sandalwood base notes, and bergamot and mint top notes).

The packaging solutions feature easily predictable designs in accordance with the Harley Davidson brand: the well-known logo is clearly visible on the front side of the bottles, while the color range oscillates between red and black, with metallic accents. Some people tend to associate fragrances with colors and imagine the color of scents based on their private emotional responses to a particular fragrance. However, statistics show interesting facts: for reasons that may or may not be biological or cultural, people have the tendency to associate the same colors to certain scents. Packaging solutions that feature the "right" color seem to have greater success.

Statistics have shown that the typical customer for Harley Davidson's line of fragrances is an active man, not necessarily a bike owner, but definitely someone who fancies the legendary image of Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson colognes for Men are potent fragrance and need to be used with judgment. Nature's laws have made women more sensitive to smells, their senses are more acute, and thus they are less likely to use too much perfume. Men, on the other hand, need to learn that less is more. If you splash these concentrated colognes all over, the effect may be less than agreeable.