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Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori is a Japanese fashion designer. She is the only Japanese woman fashion designer that has represented her clothing line collections on the runways of New York and Paris. She is also first Asian woman that was recognized as an official haute couture design house by the French Decoration of couture corporation in France. She is also the most popular and honored female designer in Japan. She launched the perfumes lines for men and women. The good example is HM for Men and Magical Moon for women.

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Hanae Mori - The Flower of the Forest in Paris

The work of extraordinary Japanese designer Hanae Mori in the field of perfumery is highly acclaimed worldwide. The Hanae Mori perfumes are made in France. The elegance and style of her fragrances is often associated with her inspiration of choice: the butterfly. Her perfumes suggest textures, lines, and shapes, as expected from a world famous costumier.

The first and most successful creation of Hanae Mori's perfumery is Butterfly, a simply perfect and adorable perfume introduced in 1995, as a fine blend of blossom and berries, with a touch of almonds and a subtle feel of vanilla. The following creations by Hanae Mori are interesting enough to be equally admired: the Haut Couture (a floral green fragrance with bergamot, jasmine, and coriander), and the Magical Moon (a white, balmy, woody, sweet, tropical fragrance). The feminine fruity essences of Hanae Mori NO1, the balmy oriental-fruity fragrance of NO2, the chic golden notes of sunflowers and bitter orange of NO3, the pick delicate NO4 featuring berries, toffee caramel, white peach, and purple sage, and the romantic, light green NO6 with a heart of blossoms underlined by musky, creamy sub-tones form a beautiful perfumery portfolio in itself. The limited edition of Eau de Collection 5-piece series skips NO5, as a tribute to Coco Chanel.

The cap of Hanae Mori original perfume bottle features an iconic, translucent, and stylized butterfly with folded wings, giving the illusion that it has just stopped on the bottle; Pochet-the designer of the bottle-added a powerful effect to this creation by suggesting the suspension of the creature's movement in progress. The bottle of the Butterfly is so gracious it makes you feel shy. The 5 jewels from Eau de Collection come in the virtually the same bottle which varies only in color from one perfume to another. The Magical Moon blue bottle features a "cosmic" cap, while the Hanae Mori perfume for men comes with a somewhat strange-looking screw cap.

Are synthetic fragrances more beautiful than natural ones? Beyond the issue of individual tastes, the truth is that man-made perfumes can be glorious, often better than natural ones. Perfumery is an art of a somewhat mad scientist able to give birth to synthetic smells that do not compete with the fragrances you encounter in nature, as they are simply better than the flowers in the garden.