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The H2O company has producing skin care products from the natural products given by ocean. These ingredients are algae and seaweeds, that a living in underwater environment where they combine a rich concentration of antioxidants and minerals, carried by strong torrents. Through careful laboratory research and constant discovery, the company isolates the most efficient varieties, revealing their power and directing it into our scientifically proven formulas. From a versatile marine ecosystem, the company infuses the skin with the deepest energy of life, power and vitality.

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A New Way to Care for Your Skin, Try H2O+

As the name suggests, this brand gave life to a new innovative line of products, based on one of the most important element of life, water. Devoted to fulfill the purpose the creator had in mind at his debut in this new field, these awesome products have a special way to interact with the basic components of your body.

Greatly indebted to the new idea promoted by these products, the shopper seems to be the final and the only beneficiary of these concepts. With the tendency of keeping the appearance of the water as main ingredient, almost all these great products pose specific characteristics meant to reveal it. Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator and Hydrating Marine Moist Mask do illustrate the above, as well as Oasis 24 Hydrating Booster or Marine Cleansing Gel does. Sea Marine Collagen Conditioner is one of the products destined to maintain the health of the hair. With a high content of amino-acids and sea minerals it manages to maintain hair texture and to increase hair luster and volume. Hair vitality and the healthy look are provided also due to the marine collagen content. Face Oasis Cleansing Water is one of the products meant to act for the benefit of the skin. With a direct effect over the skin, tending to clean it and soften it, this ultra-foaming oil-free solution, is worth using on a regular basis.

As most of the competitor's products, these items can be purchased in all cosmetic departments, in specific or general stores, or even online at an affordable price. At times, sets and individual items from H2O+'s line of products are offered at some more than affordable prices, sometime even too low, taking the chance to be mistaken for other too cheap products. Packed always with care and wrapped nicely, following the product's design, they are very fit as gifts for the dear ones.

Reporting a high volume of sales, unsurprisingly though taking in account the qualities of its creations, H2O+ does appear as a good pattern to follow for the one in search of a model.