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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is famous American pop singer and songwriter. Gwen Stefani is a fashion designer as well. Her first clothing debut was in 2003. It was called L.A.M.B. and she expanded her with Harajuku Lovers line in 2005. In 2007, Stefani launched a perfume, named 'L', as a part of her L.A.M.B. clothing line and accessories. The perfume has top notes of sweet pea and rose. In 2008, Stefani launched fragrance collection as a part of her Harajuku Lovers product line.

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Gwen Stefani, another Way to Approach Life

With a great, refreshing look, Gwen Stefani has gained a great success in the cosmetic's field. Proving to be able to handle more than music, Gwen Stefani has a special taste for oriental elements, displaying a special ability in promoting specific symbols as being exemplifying for special fragrances.

Destined to impress every time they are tasted, they do show an image different than most of the other perfumes. Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties is a typical example for the Gwen Stefani's perfumes; with a particular blend of exotic tiare flower, orange flower, vanilla bean, and white peach, it really delivers the power to inspire and dream. With a very seductive smell, carrying the perfect recipe, it does relate to Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Lil Angel, another much appreciated fragrance from the same line of products. With floral notes as well, combining creamy vanilla orchid, jasmine sambac and pink pomelo, this special perfume induces the feeling of liberty and release.

The originality of the package does come as a real surprise for most of the buyers. It is not a usual thing to have the chance to try a perfume associated with the complexity of the original oriental world. Most unusual, each container and each box bring new notes in the entire world of cosmetic's packaging. Elegant and refined, these little packages are so obvious among others that they jump right out into your eyes. Even when looked at online, they do stand out proving the Gwen Stefani's strategy to be a very effective one. Promoted in stores in specially designed areas, they are largely appreciated by anyone who got the chance to try them. Along with the privilege of using these perfumes, comes a second benefit and this is the cheap price you have to pay for any of these. Commercialized at lower than decent prices, Gwen Stefani's line of fragrance had success and has been appreciated, receiving a large number of positive reviews.

Consistent with the persuasion so representative for the oriental culture, Gwen Stefani did a wonderful job imprinting cumulated values over the ages into the essence of its fragrances.