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Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche was fashion designer from France. He founded the eponymous company, called after him - Guy Laroche. In 1966, Laroche first fragrance for women was introduced, named Fidji. Later on Guy Laroche launched men's ready-to-wear clothing collection. Guy Laroche opened a Monsieur boutique in France in 1970.

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Feel Comfortable with Guy Laroche

Just like any other French company, this one does have a very good sense as far as people's preferences. With just a few perfumes at the beginning, growing fast in time, this brand has got the proper attitude to gain a fair share of the market.

Drakkar Noir is probably the one perfume conceived by Guy Laroche with the largest number of reviews. Stylish and original blend, a base of lavender combined with citrus and sandalwood, this fragrance is very appreciated for its strong and comfortable smell. Ready and fit are the two feelings shared by most of the Drakkar Noir's shoppers. Relentless efforts did lead to good results, one much acclaimed being Fidji. Embedding a sum of scents like musk, vetiver, carnation, and jasmine, Fidji has a texture most envy. This fragrance has a very innovative recipe, as it does take a step aside as far as conception goes than most other fragrances do. With an easy translation from the clothing industry to the cosmetics, Guy Laroche has a history destined to bring light over one question: how does one get to achieve success and to keep that once it reaches it.

Surely, the secret of its success on the market has to be mentioned to have been powered Guy Laroche's stylish way of displaying its creations. Using very sympathetic, yet conservative looks, the package does look expensive and serious, promoting this way the feeling of high value. Little containers, nicely shaped bottles with darker colors, these products give the buyer the feeling of safe investment. No matter if the products are sold online or in department stores, they always spread that feeling of value all over around. Sometimes, gift-boxes of two perfumes are offered at a lower cost than the sum of their individual cost, which might make them look a bit cheap. However, this is not the case, is just an easy way fetched by Guy Laroche to promote his line of perfumes.

Unmistakable, these products have been on the shelves in the past years and you can be sure to find them around as their success revives with each new product conceived.