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Guess is a popular American fashion brand, that offers clothing, accessories and perfumes. The company also owns the collection line named Marciano. In 2005 Guess launched its first fragrance for men. In the same year the company launched fragrance for Women. Guess has also developed the clothing line for kids, called Guess Kids and they had began to promote the kids clothing lines in factory retail stores. Guess continues to be mentored by the Marciano brothers, as co-CEOs and co-chairmen.

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Guess, the Best Answer

New investments do prove to be worthy as they do bring new elements in their fields of action. So it happened with Guess; with less than a decade of experience with cosmetics, they did bring into this sector the success obtained in the clothing and accessories industries.

Products of unmatched ingenuity, Guess's fragrances stand out through their unique type of style. Colors of high intensity along with textures conceived so just to fit them, these perfumes have the quality to fit every possible environment. They will always give you the feeling that they are the best for that specific situation, in the right place, be it a gym room, a courtroom or a conference room. Guess Man is a type of cologne that impresses you from the beginning through its highly intensive shade of green. Also the nice presentation along with its essence of spiced amber, white pepper and blue fir catches your eyes from the first look. Don't ever underestimate the power of seduction of these incredibly nice featured fragrances. As Guess by Marciano does show, the exotic charm promoted by these perfumes will sweep you off your feet before you can say fish. With a great texture, based on an apple aroma, mixed with ginger, lavender and that special white pepper, Guess by Marciano is well preferred by outspoken people with a preference for social environments.

Similar to their content, the packages display a very modern attitude. This approach is special and does imprint a real note of originality to each one of these products. Sold very often in sets of two or three, these fragrances have spread across different types of stores. That may be the cause of the recent increase in sales along with the higher level of promotion and sales online. Sold from time to time at promotional prices, the entire line of Guess's perfumes do come pretty cheap for what they offer.

Don't let the image cloud your mind; modern looks and exotic colors don't necessary mean that conservative views have been left aside; be sure that this line of fragrances does offer different and originally designed fragrances for everyone and that the prices are reasonable and right at your grasp.