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The Gucci couture house is well-known simply as Gucci. It is an Italian fashion brand, that belongs to Gucci Group, that in turn belongs to French company PPR. Guccio Gucci was the founder of Gucci house in Florence in 1921. Gucci's revenue consists 4.2billion of euro and took the 41st place in the magazine's annual 2009 "Top Global 100 Brands" chart. Gucci is also the best and wide selling Italian brands.

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Gucci, a Star among Italian Brands

With the largest volume of sales among all Italian brands, Gucci has a variety of creations in different sectors, from exquisite fragrances to watches, from wallets to hats proving to be as proficient as one can hope for. Quality is at its best in Gucci's products, one easy thing to notice whenever you get in touch with these heavenly creations.

With a specially designed line of perfumes, Gucci takes one more step ahead its competitors, and has a large number of products with very specific purposes. This way Gucci by Gucci, build up on the basis of Haitian Tiare flower along with honey and musk, has been designed to be used at special occasions like weddings, parties, and other such kinds of events. This fragrance carries such thin traces of guava and with every usage it does release in the air the few specific flavors that make you forget all about stress and anything that might have gotten you upset. Gucci Guilty Intense combines the floral aromas with a few notes of amber and lavender. Created recently, this fragrance was very well received by the customers, sales finding a constant increase in the past few months.

Remarkable for all these perfumes is the way Gucci manages to display them in different packages. One can find the very same fragrance to be sold in different bottles and different boxes altogether, keeping the same exquisite taste with each display. Highly qualified to produce goods of quality, Gucci mastered a strategy to get on the market products able to raise really fast shopper's interest with a great result over their sales. In stores, the departments where they are displayed have nice ways of exposing these great products, allowing you to taste their flavor. Online might seem an easier way to procure these products, with the benefit of time savings and that of the special offers one might be lucky to take advantage of.

Regardless the type of customers interviewed, these wonderful creations seem to be appreciated by everyone who got in touch with them, proving worthwhile to mention that wherever quality is, is where Gucci lives.