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First fragrance, named “Cabaret ” was introduced to the European market in 2002 by the design house of Fragrances Gres. The company is manufacturing mainly perfumes, perfumed shower gels and gift sets only for women. The fragrances are made from sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, lily, peony and rose. The perfumes are recommended for daytime use.

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Gres, the Origin of the Flavor

The permanence of Gres's searches for a better way to enjoy life has concretized in developing the great line of fragrances we can benefit from these days. With a wide variety, the brand is focused on combining perfumes meant to bring an exotic feeling with fragrances aiming at a more conservative taste.

Such exotic fragrances, like Cabaret by Perfumes Gres, take you to places you've never been before; feelings experienced by the innovative combination of lily, rose, musk, and sandalwood do have an original way of expressing themselves. The entire line of fragrances has experienced a boost in sales due to the way the number of these products grows larger and larger across time. Also, the easier way to purchase these nice perfumes online has increased the possibilities for customers to investigate, choose, and purchase any of Gres's products. Cabotine Moon Flower, claiming to have been conceived from the essence of cedar, vanilla with a base of musk, did hit quite high sales in the past few years and so did Cabotine Body Lotion and Cabotine Floralisme. A sum of flowery perfumes constitute a large part of this entire line of fragrances and this seem to be another cause for the great success Gres had in this sector.

Benefits, like great looks come as an addition to the real product you are buying. Expensive, highly colored, and impressive, packaging does describe very well the manner in which Gres design and display their creations. For example, had you the time on your hands to keep looking on the shelves in a cosmetic's department in a regular store, you would notice really quickly these fragrances. Sparkling bottles, nice design boxes and distinct wrappers are just a few things to make the difference, and to favor these perfumes over their competitors.

Around Christmas time and Easter time, you can find really good deals and may purchase these products at sensible lower rates, as Gres do have special offers for holidays. Winter or summer, these perfumes are fit for you as well as they are fit for any situation you might happen to take part to.