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Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbiltis is a very talented lady that is an author, singer, actress, heiress, and she had a debut as an early developer of fashionable blue jeans. Her jeans were the most tightly fitted jeans in comparison the other jeans of that time. The logo of the comapny eventually appeared on clothing and fragrances as well. Along with her jeans collection, Vanderbilt also started a collections of sheets, blouses, shoes, leather goods, accessories and liqueurs. She was also famous for perfumes lines that she launched in 1982.

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Leda and the Swan - Gloria Vanderbilt Perfumes

Gloria Vanderbilt's interest for the perfumery niche is one of the numerous facets of Gloria Vanderbilt's persona-a strong, complicated woman, an artist, an actress, an author, and a designer. Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes are created in partnership with L'Oreal, in collaboration with eminent perfumers. The complexity of the designer's personality is well reflected in the formulas of these sexy feminine fragrances which have first gained popularity in the 1980s.

Some of the most appreciated Gloria Vanderbilt fragrances are Vanderbilt Woman (an oriental floral perfume launched in 2001), Vanderbilt for Men (2000), Gloria Vanderbilt Eau de Toilette (a casual floral scent created in 1982), V (a feminine floral fruity cologne, 1994), Rêverie (a sweet, woody, powdery, oriental perfume for women, launched in 1999), Miss Vanderbilt (a romantic, velvety, woody, oriental formula, 2010), Honeymoon (jasmine, lavender, carnation, musk and sandalwood, 1996), Glorious (fruity and green notes, jasmine, carnation, hyacinth, amber, musk and cedar, 1988), and Fatale (a vanilla, tuberose, peach formula, carrying the signature of Laurent Bruyere, created in 2002).

Most of Gloria Vanderbilt's perfume bottle designs are dated; however, a fresh turn is easy to notice in the latest concepts, such as the bottle of Fatale. Gloria Vanderbilt's elegant embossed signature was doubled or replaced by a more severe typography on some of her perfumes. However, the famous, easily recognizable, graceful swan icon takes a key position on the designs of most of her perfume bottles; this icon originally represented Gloria Vanderbilt's debut as an actress (in Ferenc Molnár's play, The Swan) and gradually became the mark of Gloria Vanderbilt's work as an interior designer, a fashion designer and a perfume designer.

Who wants to buy Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes? Her numerous admirers include film fans, art lovers, men and women with a passion for her style, people who proudly wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the late 1970s, as well as people who pay an interest in the celebrity's personal life. If you are one of these people, you have come in the right place: place your order now and enjoy the perfumes of the great Swan Lady.