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Giovanni Ribisi was born on December 17 in 1974. He is an American actor. He was filming in such Hollywood best sellers as Gone in 60 Seconds, The Gift, Sky Captain and Lost in Translation. In 2005 he won Oscar for the main role in the movie Captain America. In 2008 he launched the series of fragrances and colognes for men. Now there are more than 5 fragrances in his collection.

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Learn the Art of a Perfect Hair with Giovanni

Giovanni is, from any perspective, an essential brand in the niche of contemporary high-end hair care products. Using such items is a sign of good taste, but it also denotes that you're acquainted to the basic rules of responsible hair care procedures. Using Giovanni on a daily basis will have a great impact on the quality of your hair, the health of your scalp and, ultimately, on the value of your own comfort. You don't get to choose a simple moisturizer or conditioner; you actually purchase precisely what your hair needs from a chemical and biological point of view.

50:50 Balanced Hair Remoisturizer Conditioner by Giovanni is probably one of the best examples: it brings new levels of shiny texture to your hair whilst keeping it healthy and good looking. And, as if this wasn't enough, it recalibrates your hair in the deep layers, thus influencing its condition in the long run. L.A. Hold Hair Spritz For All Day Style, on the other hand, is an excellent option if you're looking for a hold spray and still care about the quality of your hair. It can be combined with Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Organic Shampoo if your hair is damaged, dry, or broken, and if you want to regenerate it for a better feel and a more attractive look.

The cans, sprays, and bottles advertised by Giovanni are very easy to use at home or when you're on the go. They won't slip out of your hand (like many of their counterparts do) and will offer you comfort and control over your actions. Each time you use Giovanni shampoos and conditioners you get the feeling that the design of these items is just what you need to relax when you take your bath. It may not seem important, but the truth is that the alternative is something everybody tries to avoid.

When it comes to the price, Giovanni is an excellent solution, especially if you're buying from an online store: discounts, along with sales or other crazy reductions are always possible and, if you're wise and careful, you can take advantage and buy more with less money.