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Giorgio Valenti

Since 1968 when the Giorgio Valenti company was founded, this brand has been always tempting and pleasing people. The charm of Giorgio Valenti perfumes is enchanting and it lies in its endlessly new power to create unique and precious moments that we live for. When fragrance is a passion and temptation, it arouses sensual poetry and poem of the soul, and awakens sensibile and subtle aromas that make you special. Giorgio Valenti exalt its delicate and generous seductiveness with the splash of elegance. There are two gateways that can be visible: luxury and distinction.

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Giorgio Valentini - A Name, a few Fragrances, and a Legend

Giorgio Valentini specializes is superb fragrances for men who like to wear something with a twist every now and then. Even if these perfumes are not specifically designed for casual wear, you can try Giorgio Valentini perfumes on a daily basis provided that you accessorize them with fashionable clothes and that you're living an urban life. Giorgio Valentini is definitely not a perfume for everyone, but the excellent price of the items advertised by this brand makes them quite accessible to the common buyer. If you want to make a difference in your circle, to impress the ladies and exceed the expectations of your friends, Giorgio Valentini is definitely a perfume to consider.

There aren't many aromas sold under this name, but what it lacks in variation it gains in quality. Rose Noir is a superb blend of deep aromas, suitable for middle-aged men who like to bring mystery in their lives. Sort of a perfume for connoisseurs, this aroma is perfect if it's worn during the evening or at a night party. If, on the other side, you need something for the daytime, try Rose Noire Men Absolu. This fragrance brings new levels of versatility to the bouquet by combining distinct elements (such as sandalwood, berries, and woods) over the base. On the other side, if you want a perfume for her, Rose Noire Absolue is an excellent solution, due to its flexible and velvety floral aroma. Try it for yourself and see the benefits of excellence of pure quality with this otherwise unisex perfume.

The theme chosen for the products sold by this brand is, naturally, that of roses. Love and romanticism circle these bottles and the dimmed transparency of the bottles brings another important dimension to the ensemble. Somehow Baroque, the Giorgio Valentini perfumes are indeed some of the most urban fragrances on the market today.

Buying online or purchasing over the phone are excellent solutions when it comes to Giorgio Valentini, because such actions keep you safe and reduce your final costs to a significant percent. Just make sure you choose your retailer carefully and that, for the sake of a possible discount, you order more than one bottle in the first place.