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Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani was born on 11 July 1934. He is a famous fashion designer in Italy, that specializes in menswear industry. There is no need to explain what that brand is in the world of high fashion today. His clean, tailored lines of the clothing collection became the signature mark of the brand. He founded the company, that is called after his first and last name – Girogio Armani in 1975. The company has become an acclaimed and the most successful leading fashion company. The company's annual revenue is $1.6 billion and a personal fortune of $7 billion as of 2011.

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Giorgio Armani - The Pure European Spirit

In the old fashion of European brands dealing with perfumes and cosmetic solutions, Giorgio Armani has made a very solid name by creating and advertising perfectly-balanced aromas for every taste, wrapped in superb packages and boxes. However, the restless, futuristic spirit of this internationally-recognized designer brought this brand to the point where one can't say any longer that we're dealing with a classic name; it's actually more because Giorgio Armani is modern and traditional at the same time. His creations have influenced literally hundreds of important perfumers all across the globe and, possibly, dozens of thousands of regular customers. As such, to wear a perfume by Armani and to know how to do it right is a sign of distinction, as well as a sign of power and pure elegance.

Most of the products advertised by Giorgio Armani encompass two distinctive elements: a solid, stable, almost passive base onto which various top notes intermingle. This is the main reason why few, if any, of the fragrances created by Giorgio Armani are to be worn on a regular basis: the scent and its traces are simply too complicated for a casual look. For example, Acqua Di Gio brings ocean elements into your life and it does it well; it features special notes and traces of jasmine, rosemary, and citrus which redefine your nature bringing freshness back in your life. Emporio Armani Diamonds on the other hand uses amber, Sichuan pepper, and vetiver to suggest the very notion of elegance in men.

A simple glance on the products advertised by Giorgio Armani and you'll fall in love for ever, making you willing to buy them all at once. They are not just perfect in every aspect; they're unique. Each and every box has an identity of its own that can't be reinstated in any different field; each bottle reinterprets the idea of transparence; and each color scheme matches the essence inside in every detail. Such a happy marriage of design and perfumery shouldn't ever be overlooked.

When you understand the finesse of this brand, the price seems small and insignificant; if you purchase these products online, you can benefits from excellent solutions and discounts and take advantage of bringing in your life the perfect notions of elegance and style.