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Geoffrey Beene

Geoffrey Beene was born on August 30, in 1924. He was a famous fashion designer in America. He was acclaimed worldwide for both, being innovator and teacher. His early guidance and mentoring occupation, helped several of his apprentices to become successful fashion designers. These people are Alber Elbaz, Kay Unger and Doo Ri Chung. His couture house is also well-known for manufacturing the whole variety of cosmetic products, including fragrances.

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Geoffrey Beene or How to Avoid Snobbism with Good Tastes

Due to the incredibly large variety on the market that displays reasonably-looking products or, even more, great products, one comes to the point where snobbism is but a step away. If you want to avoid such a reality and focus on something really special that doesn't stand out just to make a difference, you should definitely try Geoffrey Beene. There's really nothing alike this name and few products are comparable in the perspective of the relation between good tastes and intuition. Thus, the offer isn't extended, but just a few products can make the difference between the delicacy of a purely elegant product and the boldness of a fashionable one. Here's what you should look for.

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a strange, sharp fragrance featuring the old Oxford style, even if it doesn't reclaim it, being far away from the arrogance of this reference; sandalwood, oak moss, and bergamot render a sublime combination of strong scents that will reassemble your personality in ways you haven't considered possible ever before. The bottle comes in a beautiful flannel bag, an element of rare tastes and exquisite style. Eau De Grey Flannel, on the other side manages to explode seraphic aromas with just a handful of ingredients, such as sandalwood, citrus, and spices. Try these varieties if you do care for the way the others perceive you and make sure you use them on a daily basis to make that effect permanent.

There's always more to this brand when it comes to the design of its products: mysteriously marbled bottles come in shades of grey and green, but they also make the fragrances visible in strange amber tones. One should take a second look at the design of the packaging, which is simultaneously elegant and discreet, irrespective of the variety we're talking about.

As for the price, Geoffrey Beene is sold at exceptional prices, considering the value versus price ratio. There are few brands that can compete with this one in terms of efficiency and style and even fewer that can race against the superb fragrances advertised under this name.