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Fubu company was established in 1992. The founder of the company is Daymond John. His first debut was the line of hats, that was made in his fashion house in Hollis, Queens and New York. The company has developed the series of fragrances for men and women in 1999. The fragrances became very popular because of the unique design of the bottles and amazing scents. Now there are more than 10 fragrances developed in Fubu's collection.

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Fubu - Discretion and Excellence in One Bottle

Few get to know about this high-quality brand, even if few of its counterparts have the power and the elegance of it. Moreover, Fubu is available online on a regular basis and it can easily be purchased by anyone at affordable prices, even though the quality of the fragrance is truly spectacular. Don't hesitate when you stumble upon this brand while browsing online and give it a try: it will blow your mind and your senses and will make you fall in love again, just like you did back in your twenties.

Plush by Fubu is a distinctive fragrance few people know how to interpret and perceive. The subtlety of it is so intense that you will have a hard time discerning one ingredient from another. This is the main reason why we choose not to name the plants and scents that make Plush special. We only remark that everything related to this spectacular brand is marked by definitive contrasts: it is a brand for her, but men can wear it at special occasions during the daytime; it is subtle, but it has an incisive way of integrating in the air around as if it were the only presence in the area; and, last but not least, it is engaging without interfering with other aromas.

You'll recognize Plush by Fubu easily by a certain appetence for intricate elegance: the color scheme featuring elements of gold, black, and vivid red is reflected in a transparent nature of the bottle which, at its turn, redefines colors just like it would redefine notions and concepts. Moreover, the silhouetted shape of the bottle suggests a feminine feel that is encompassed in the nature of the fragrance, while the black cap functions as a counterpart to the soft black base of the bottle. All in all, this is a perfume to display as well as it is a perfume to wear and enjoy on special occasions.

Fubu should be bought online, but one should take care to avoid scams. Even if it is not particularly easy to find, there are replicas on the market that render a ridiculously dull scent and you don't want to end up with such a junk in your purse. To avoid it, stick to a reliable seller and make no concessions when it comes to the price of this perfume.