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Frederic Fekkai

Frederick Fekkai is a very innovative and very interesting brand, that produces fragrances for both for men and women. The brand keeps surprising its consumers with surprises, by inventing different formulas and adding them to scents. This brand has been always full of originality and abstract elements. Now there are more than 20 different fragrances for men and women developed for their costumers.

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FCUK and How to Play with Acronyms

French Collection UK is a very innovative and very interesting brand advertising fragrances for him and for her at affordable prices. Apart from the joke in the acronym (which is both adequate to various contemporary styles and intelligent in nature), this brand is full of surprises and comes up with interesting solutions as far as the formulas and the design solutions are concerned. There is no dimension of this brand that could be considered as lacking originality and the general effect is that of a minimalistic brand with a taste for futuristic and abstract elements. When you'll try their fragrances, you'll understand what we're talking about in no time.

Try FCUK for him; the syntactic uses of hemp, sage, and green pepper are perfect for a fragrance that is dedicated to urban young men. Add the effects of vanilla, sangria, and tea leaves, and you get a very powerful perfume that will impress the girls in the metro right away. Don't ever wear FCUK without properly accessorizing it with adequate clothes, bandanas, bags and belts. FCUK EDT edition, easily recognizable by the grey casing is very sexy and rather sensual perfume for guys. Don't expect angels in paradise and don't assume that this fragrance is soft in any way: the solid combination of tea leaves, patchouli, and basil creates a spectacular effect around you that will last for days. It's perfect for casual wear and an excellent solution if you're out in a bar for a hunt.

French Collection UK stands out from the crowd due to the perfect nature of the design they feature. Minimalistic fonts and very simple and beautiful boxes suggest that there's nothing else to be said about these fragrances that it can't be said by themselves. Even the colors of the casings are extremely reductive, with just a few hues (mauve, grey, black, and white) which increase the overall power of the FCUK products.

Purchase FCUK fragrances online if you want to buy the original stuff and make sure you choose the right retailer before you place your order. This way, you will have the benefit of buying more for less money, as serious sellers often come up with very attractive sales and discounts.