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Fred Hayman

Father of Rodeo Drive and luxury retailer, this is what for the designer Fred Hayman became famous and well-known. He was born in 1925 in Switzerland. Fred's first fragrance was launched in 1979 and it was called Giorgio Beverly Hills and it was belonging to the mens perfumes line. Fred also launched the fragrance for women in 1984, that was called Angel.

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Fred Hayman - New Shapes for a New Era

Probably the best way to characterize the brand Fred Hayman is do it visually: the perfumes have superb volumes and render characteristic fragrances that come with a weight and structure of their own. From this perspective, Fred Hayman scents are quite unique, because there are few producers out there who really care for such notions when creating a new formula, a new perfume, or a new eau de cologne. It is precisely the elegance of this extension the one that displays the originality of Fred Hayman perfumes.

Most of the fragrances advertised under this name come either as solutions for women or as accessories for men. As such, it would be difficult to consider Fred Hayman perfumes as unisex, especially if you would look for something truly eclectic. In other words, gender identity is relevant enough to modify the nature of these scents. Try 273 for her and enjoy the way soft amber embraces the heart featuring sandalwood and exotic fruits. Everything related to this perfume is 100% feminine and most of the women wearing it on a regular basis pay attention to reflect its effects in the way they dress up. In a completely different register, Touch elaborates on the idea that carnations and violets go well together provided that the heart of the perfume is based on notes of roses.

You'll better understand the concepts of volume and weight in this industry by looking at the design of the bottles advertised by Fred Hayman: the angularity and the precise diamond-like cuts of the contours are the key elements that suggest both the importance of the volume and the subtlety of the weight. Fine cones and beautiful pyramids form the basic shapes Fred Hayman uses to better suggest the idea that when we're dealing with fragrances, the space they occupy is essential. As for colors, witness the explosion of blue, red, and green that reflect the complexity and the versatility of these scents.

Fred Hayman products are particularly cheap online, especially if you purchase many bottles at once. Such an action will have a positive impact on your budget and will reduce the final costs per product to a significant degree.