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Francesco Smalto

The first perfume of Francesco Smalto was introduced in 1998 and it was named after the name of his creator - Francesco Smalto. This fragrance contains the ingredients of amber, delicate fresh spices and wood that bring the atmosphere of masculine touch, that should be discovered and understood in full. The classic design of the bottle is very attractive and that made the fragrance even more popular. Francesco Smalto's perfumes are so powerful like their author.

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Francesco Smalto - Baroque as the New Style

Some of the brands present today on the market dealing with contemporary fragrances display eclectic personalities, whereas others stick to a form of minimalism that quite specific to the times we're living. Francesco Smalto, however, has decided otherwise; as such, it reinterprets the very basis of what we experience in our daily lives and displays a fragrance that features Baroque elements. Thought this style was dead and buried? Think again: a spectacular blend of elements defines the very nature of this powerful brand rendering both the importance of firmaments and the significance of complicated aromas.

Francesco Smalto by Francesco Smalto is such a perfume. This fragrance possesses notes of amber, wood, and delicate fresh spices that surround you with a masculine touch that is yet to be fully discovered and understood. The classic appearance of the base is reflected in a few contrasting elements, like the tones of moss or like the sharp and complicated spicy notes, visible at the end. Few perfumes are as incredibly complex as Francesco Smalto and few render such powerful effects around them.

The box features two distinctive elements, both belonging to the Baroque era: marbled aquatic blue and gold. The first color functions as catalysis, whereas the golden elements bring notes of distinction and profound elegance. The bottle, on the other hand, reflects the classic era in the history of perfumery, marked by certain elements of architectural complexity, such as the shape itself and the contours of the bottle. Finally, the cap is both discreet and impressive because it manages to turn the entire ensemble into a casual object, while also suggesting the traditional values of the Baroque times. Nonetheless impressive, this product can easily be considered as a solid reference for just about any other perfume on the market.

Francesco Smalto is by all means cheap if we take into account the excellent quality of the fragrance inside. If you purchase this product online, you will be able to take advantage of fabulous discounts and excellent sales with direct impact on the quality of your budget, not just now, but for the months to come.