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Framesi the company that produces hair care products and is based in Italy. Now the company offers a wide variety of hair color products, treatments, solutions, finishing, shampoos and conditioning. Framesi has been operating in this specific cosmetic industry since 1945. They were selling organic, talcum free hair care products and also hair-grooming products. The line named "Italian way to color" was introduced to the American market in the 1970s.

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Framesi Hair Excellence

Framesi is a reputed mark of hair care technology based in Italy. Offering a wide range of hair color solutions, finishing, shampoos, conditioning, hair treatments and accessories, Framesi has been operating in this specific niche since 1945; originally, they sold talcum powder and hair-grooming products; "the Italian way to color" represented an important shift in the business as Framesi entered the American market in the 1970s.

Today, the Framesi range of products is increasingly wide as a result of their quickly adapting to customer's rising expectations. Easy to use and reliable color solutions, toning and de-coloring formulas enriched with anti-aging ingredients, essential oils and reconstructing vitamins have been especially created by the Framesi Research Laboratories to protect the scalp while preventing hair damage and restoring the shine and intensity of hair color. The most important color lines by Framesi are Glamor, Futura, Eclectic, and Add. Available products include emollient cream for skin protection (Antial), hair masks, color stabilizers, anti-stain barrier cream (Pro-Tect), post-color shampoo, silver shimmering shampoo for grey hair, de-coloring powders and creams based on quality oxidizing agents (oxidants are presented under suggestive trade names, such as Eclectic Activator, Ossidorr, and Proxima). Silis is a line of the most popular Framesi solutions for safe permanent hair styling (protective serum, gel, cream, etc.). Rigenol is the best nourishing and regenerative conditioning formulas by Framesi. There are two important collections of finishing products: Extreme Lava (available as hair spray, gel, mousse, or wax) and White Pearl (gloss, glaze, gel, spray, shiner, and mousse). A definite must have is Morphosis-an impressive line of hair treatments by Framesi; choose from Total Control (with lemon extract), anti-aging hair masks and reconstructing shampoos, the Delux Color collection, the Density line (with blueberry extracts), the Hair Mud collection, an interesting set of formulas with pomegranate, orange, sunflower, etc.

Most Framesi packaging solutions are particularly elegant and carefully designed-some of them are box or cone shaped, with nice proportions. Perhaps the best looking of all are the Framesi Morphosis products. The Framesi logo consists of the word "framesi" preceded by a stylized "f" framed in a simple circle.

If you want to bring some color into your life, Framesi may be the key to what you're looking for. Order now and let your hair shine with Framesi!