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First American Brands

First American Brands is an influential fragrances European brand, that was introduced to the American market in 1998. The brand became very popular among other popular American brands. There fragrances were made in collaboration with such perfumers like Angel Sanchez and Jesse McCartney. Later on the company has developed kids' perfumes, designed especially for the popular cartoons, such as Woody Woodpecker, Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Smurfs. Now this brand is known worldwide.

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First American Brands: Absolutely FAB...

FAB introduced the influential European brands of fragrances and cosmetics to the US market, together with the prestigious American brands. Licensed brands featured by First American Brands include Bill Blass, Angel Sanchez, Jesse McCartney, Penthouse, Betty Boop, Love Is, Frank Apple, and Caribbean Joe, together with brands specialized in kids' products such as Kung ZFu Panda 2, Woody Woodpecker, The Smurfs, and The Looney Tunes. FAB expertise encompasses fragrance design and manufacturing, brand building and promotion of perfumery products, as well as worldwide distribution and merchandising solutions for its brands.

Some of the most popular perfumes and colognes distributed by FAB are the Betty Boop fragrances launched in 2011: Angel Betty (white floral, citrus, sweet, and fruity), Party Betty (citrus, floral), Princess Betty (white floral, powdery, and citrus), Sexy Betty (woody, floral, sweet), etc. Other important best sellers are the fragrances formulated by the American fashion House of Bill Blass for her-the Couture collection, Hot (floral, sweet, woody), Nude (floral, green, woody), Red (musky, woody, white floral), together with the popular colognes for him, such as Wood and Amazing. The quite trendy and wildly feminine Jesse McCartney cologne Wanted (an ambery, woody, musky, white floral and rose perfume) can also be purchased via the parent company FAB. The Bongo line of eau de toilette with a zesty touch by the design house of Iconix is recommended for casual wear.

As FAB is an umbrella company for a wide range of designers, noses, groups, and brands, the packaging solutions of the merchandised products are as diverse as possible, in keeping up with their specific brands.

The main showrooms of FAB are located in NY, but you can now browse through their products online, from the comfort of your own home. Find your favorite Misty Nights, or Blue Rush by Caribbean Joe, a perfectly provocative scent by Angel Sanchez, some incredible Hollywood-style perfume for you, or an absolutely topnotch Woody Woodpecker perfume for your precious little one. Place your order now and you will be amazed by our quality delivery services. Our offer often include amazing discounts, so take your time and find the best priced fragrance for your money. Happy shopping!