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Elio Fiorucci is an Italian fashion designer. He opened his own Italian fashion label in 1967 in Milan, Italy. In the beginning of 1980, the Fiorucci store, that was located in New York became highly influential in the big world of fashion and attracted celebrities such as Madonna and Woody Goldberg. Fiorucci was pioneer in designing the stretch jeans lines and animal printed skirts and pink fluffy handcuffs. Later on Fiorucci introduced the line of fragrances in 1980. Now there are more than 15 fragrances offered in Fiorucci collection.

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Angels, Hearts, and Cotton Candy: Lovely Fiorucci Aromas

Talent scout, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Elio Fiorucci created this Italian fashion label in 1967 in Milan. In the late 1970s and early 1980, the Fiorucci store in New York became highly influential in the wide world of fashion and attached celebrities such as Madonna and Andy Warhol. Fiorucci invented the stretch jeans and popularized leopard-skin prints and pink fluffy handcuffs. The parent company to create the Fiorucci fragrances is Morris Profumi and the nose behind most of them is senior perfumer Sophie Labbé-en expert in making people experience love at first sight.

Here are some of the most popular perfumes and colognes by Fiorucci:

  • Fiorucci for women-a floral, fruity, sweet, vanilla fragrance launched in 2000;
  • Fiorucci Love You - musky, floral, woody;
  • Amore 14 White-a romantic, floral, woody perfume created in 2009;
  • Amore 14 Red-a feminine, woody, floral, warm spicy, cinnamon fragrance launched in 2009;
  • Aqua Degli Angeli-floral, musky, citrus;
  • Miss Fiorucci So Sexy-a woody, fruity, musky, patchouli fragrance for her, with lemon, apple, and cyclamen top notes;
  • Glittery-floral, fruity;
  • Pin Up I M Funny-a gourmet coconut fragrance issued in 2007 as a limited edition;
  • Pin Up I M Juicy-another limited edition of 2007, with lemon and red apple top notes;
  • Miss Fiorucci Only Love-a fruity, floral, woody, musky perfume launched in 2005.

The Fiorucci perfumes come in absolutely spectacular bottles and flacons featuring dazzling bright colors, hearts, ribbons, angel wings, glitter, and other exuberant decorations that match the reputed fashion attitude of the house of Fiorucci.

Most customers who buy Fiorucci perfumes online are women who lived their childhood or early adolescence in the early 1980s. These perfumes are very nice presets to buy for your young daughter who will most certainly appreciate the adorable, crazy, girly look of the Fiorucci perfume bottles, as well as the lovely aromas combining vanilla and cinnamon, pink grapefruit, ginger ale and peach blossom, rhubarb and nectarine. We know these should make you smile: place your order now and get these precious gifts delivered in no time.