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Ferrari perfumes were never coming in the light and calm colors. All the time bottles of the fragrances were designed in red and yellow, black and yellow, or blue and yellow colors. There was always something attractive about the design of the bottles, that the fragrances became popular very soon. The most popular aromas are Ferrari Red and Ferrari Light Essence, that bring the atmosphere of luxury and richness to people that wearing these perfumes.

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Ferrari - Fabulous Fragrances for Men of All Ages

Everything that is related to the fragrances advertised under this name is somehow related to two main ideas: speed and self confidence. In addition, these products are self assertive in the light of their reference and almost aggressive in the light of their competition. Just like a red Ferrari passing on the road, wouldn't you say? In fact, this line of products has been specifically designed to match the characteristics, the features, and the ideals of the Italian car designer and producer; and we are 100% sure that they've managed to do it right.

Take a look at Ferrari Black: the sharp notes of this product remind of the way Ferrari motors behave on the road. Bold and impulsive, restless and impatient, this product displays oriental notes of green apple and teak wood that redefine the heart, which is made of freesia and orange blossom. As such, this fragrance is both bold in appearance and almost delicate under the hood; same goes for Scuderia Ferrari, even if this fragrance is even more masculine and direct; and same goes for Ferrari Uomo, although this one uses nutmeg and gentle woody notes for a more retro effect. Irrespective of the way you choose to look like, keep in mind that there are few notes as powerful and dismissive as the ones rendered by the house of Ferrari.

And now here comes the design: Ferrari perfumes have never met the concept of gradient colors; everything is presented in strong tones, even if one should remark the almost tender combination of elements in this context. Be it black and yellow, red and yellow, or blue and yellow, there's always something special about these boxes and bottles. In addition, the suggestive transparency of the latter suggests that even the most powerful drive shouldn't be completely hidden if you want to fully experience the strength of a quality perfume.

Ferrari perfumes are not particularly cheap, but they don't come in expensive either; as a contrasting element to other similar brands on the market, Ferrari is often very accessible if you buy it online and decide to order more than one bottle in the first place. If you do this, we suggest two contrasting aromas, such as Ferrari Red and Ferrari Light Essence.