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Faconnable company was founded in 1950. In the beginning the company has introduced 3 perfumes for men. The name of fragrances is Blue Moon, FacoRain and Metis. The fragrances had strong masculine notes, that made men to feel more confident and powerful about themselves. Later on the company has launched cotton caps with their logo to market and promote the brand awareness. Since than the company has launched 5 more colognes for men, that were containing similar formula to the original fragrances.

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Façonnable - Another Name for Intuitive Elegance

Are you fed up with cosmopolitan fragrances that bring nothing new really in your life? Do you want to try something new that will change the way you perceive fashion, fashion design, and the importance of perfumes in everyday life? Have you had enough musk and vanilla? Then try this spectacular brand. Façonnable offers exactly what other similar brands don't: insight, magnificence, delicacy, gracefulness, and splendor. This very complex set of elements is rendered by a similarly complex formula and by spectacular solutions for the design of the bottles and boxes.

Coming in a solid can, the almost fluid bottle of Façonnable by Façonnable hides tones of geranium, rose, mint, and orange. The effects of this blending are quite unique: you'll feel as if spring were all around you while the others will perceive you young and full of life. Sandalwood and amber define the base of this interesting perfume, while subtle notes of spicy lavender create the bold impression of the top notes. Specifically created for ladies with a twist, this blend is unique in every way. Face à Face is yet another solution from Façonnable. Displaying floral notes, coriander, and marigold elements, it is dedicated to young ladies or women in their prime who know the way a lady should be to stand out from the crowd. Smart and innocent, this spicy fragrance is just perfect for open-air parties or for a lunch out.

There's nothing casual in the design presented by this house. Façonnable is personable and very difficult to modify due to a strange combination of eclectic materials: metal, glass, and paper intermingle and create some of the most beautiful design solutions we've come across. Also, the boldness of the design doesn't negatively influence the explosion of aromas you get to feel when you use these perfumes for the first time. And if you don't think that's enough, there's nothing easier than carrying Façonnable bottles in your purse on a daily basis should you feel like doing it.

For perfect results, buy Façonnable products online and take advantage of every single offer you can get. They are quite common considering the limited extension of the line of products and you can get your discount with great ease, thus benefiting from this brand once more.