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Faberge Co.

Faberge company was established in 1964. The first fragrance for men was launched in 1965 and it was named Brut. This cologne contains notes of spicy woods, citrus, and musk. This special combination, was so powerful because of these components, that the product became company's signature fragrance. The fragrance remains in high demand among men all over the world. The formula of Brut is still a secret, but you can easily define variety of components, notes and effects that make this perfume so special.

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Faberge Co and the Importance of One Name

Faberge Co is not fully related to the field of contemporary fragrances and perfumes, but it has become an essential name due to the creation of Brut, a fragrance that has literally changes the lives of thousands of men in the world. Just like many other formulas on the market today, the formula behind Brut is a secret, but one can easily spot out various ingredients, tones, notes, and effects that should be remarked only to mention how a scent can create such results in a niche that is flooded by new solutions on a regular basis.

Ever since 1964, Brut, "the essence of man", has blessed us with a mix of citrus, spicy woods, and musk. The particularly powerful combination of these elements has transformed this product into a myth many other brands refer to as a solid influence. Be it a spray, a deodorant, or eau de cologne, Brut is impressive and extremely consistent. You won't need to use it twice a day and one puff will be enough to make its presence visible for days. This is very important if you want to preserve a certain image, but you're too lazy to take care of it on a daily basis. As such, Brut offers both the comfort of easy use and the efficiency of a quality product. Never forget to take Brut with you when you travel: it is equally effective when you're at home as it is when you're on the go.

The traditional green bottles, recipients, and cans advertised by Faberge Co for Brut are a landmark in the industry. Remark the light insertions of light green, silver, and gold if you want to have a bird's eye view on the key elements that have created one of the most important and popular brands on the market today.

And buy it regularly, even if there are few variations from the original formula. Regular orders will bring you to the point where you can obtain fabulous discounts that will easily influence your budget in the long and short run. And this is not all: buy it today and you'll receive it in just a few days, depending on your location and the extent of your order.