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Evyan is the perfumery company, that is mostly using flowery ingredients for their perfumes.
The Evyan company has transformed from the local company to an internationally acclaimed company in cosmetic industry. Their flowery scented perfumes become loved by many women all over the world for their magical ingredients. The ingredients were creating unbelievable and spectacular romantic effects and atmosphere. These scent make women to feel more confident and sexy.

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Evyan - The Art of Mixing Flowery Scents

The light notions behind the products advertised by Evyan have transformed this brand from a local name to an internationally renowned presence. These notions refer to the way Evyan decided to blend in flowery notes in order to render spectacular romantic effects and very peculiar top notes. Men are impressed with the deepness and arrogance of these fragrances, but they are also intrigued and attracted by the light, almost floating sensation of the heart which exploded from each and every Evyan bottle.

White Shoulders is probably the most important product ever advertised by Evyan. Its longevity (it has been sold for more than fifty years now) speaks of its quality, while one simple sample will convince you that you're dealing with a high-end product. So here's what's inside the bottle: gardenia, oak moss, and jasmine form the heart of White Shoulders, while top notes lilac and amber come to complement the base. Specifically designed for evening wear, Evyan calls for an elegant dress and for a glowing purse.

Syntactically different from anything else on the market, the design of this perfume is simply stunning: embossed on the front side of the bottle, you'll find the profile of a woman. The golden cap brings a special finish in the context, while the light transparency of the bottle is marked by strange and subtle hues and shades of red and dark orange. A tribute to the excellent solutions the colonial products have given us for more than three centuries, the design of White Shoulders is precisely what you need in your home if you want to make a difference with your special perfume.

Pay attention however to the way you purchase this product. Evyan has often been imitated and scams can still be found on the market and you need to avoid this if you don't want to end up with a completely dull fragrance in your home. To do this right, you must look for a reliable online seller and stick with it. Apart from keeping you safe, such an action can bring you various advantages, such as better prices, if you order from one single shop on a regular basis.