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German fashion house Escada is the leading brand in luxury fashion industry. Also, the company is one of the leaders in the worldwide luxury clothes market. The company was founded in 1978 in Munich, Germany. Escada give license to its brands for a number of products, including perfumes, eye-wear, ties and scarves, the whole variety of other accessories. Also, it includes the beauty care products launched by Wella and jewelry line launched by Schwartzkopf .

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Escada and the German Spirit in Contemporary Fragrances

Dedication and passion for innovation are the key elements that describe and mark the very nature of Escada. Founded in Germany, this brand has managed to gain international reputation by shifting from one style to another during the years. Today, it comes with a wide range of products, focusing on fragrances that are suitable for urban people with a taste for eclectic fashion design. As such, you'll find everything here: bottles for young girls and teens, boxes for serious businessmen, and mysterious scents for ladies who want to make a difference at a dinner party.

Desire Me is all about hope and love: with a heart of honeysuckle and orchid elements, it creates a spectacular effect around you and it reinvents romanticism for those who still feel that way. In a complete opposition with this, Magnetism is fully incisive and strong: notes of iris, musk, plum, and berry intermingle in this rather composite perfume that is just what every businesswoman needs. Try Marine Groove if you care for your image: passion fruit and peony have been added on a base featuring jasmine, flowery, and watery notes in order to render a perfect balance of style and distinction. Or reinvent yourself and your style with Moon Sparkle, a light and soft combination of cedar wood, vetiver, violet, and ... vodka. This last one is for him and him only.

We're simply astonished by the incredible versatility of this brand when it comes to displaying various styles in the field of design. The German spirit is obvious in every detail: bottles are perfect; they feature superb combinations of colors and transparency, and feature suggestive contours and lines. Take a look at Incredible Me, which is almost baroque in nature, even if there's not even one element that could be considered inherent to this style. Or admire along with us the fine lines of Moon Sparkle and its gradient from light grey to blue.

Escada is available online at affordable prices; the best method to purchase these products is by online orders, which bring you the advantages of contextual discounts and comfortable shopping. Try more than one fragrance in the first place and convince yourself of the superb scents advertised under this name.