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Erox has launched their first fragrance, named Inner Realm in 1993. The fragrance contains ingredients of peony and sandalwood with the top note of jasmine and sage. The fragrance became popular for its versatility, because it is suitable for day and night occasions. In 1997 fragrance for him was introduced. It contains ingredients of mandarin and ginger, berry and lime notes. That makes the fragrance suitable for day occasions. Now the company offers more than 20 perfumes in their collection.

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Erox - Cosmetics and Fragrances for Connoisseurs

Erox is the essence of eros and more; it's the light combination of casual elements that render a sense of light permanence in your life and superb highlights that modify the very nature of your days. Erox has managed to find a path (and a niche) that has never been fully covered by any other brand: by combining eclectic elements with innovative formulas, this brand reached perfection in a very specific way, that is it makes you feel comfortable, confident, powerful, and self-assertive at the same time. From this perspective, Erox is not for everybody, but for those who know to make the difference between regular casual and exquisite featuring casual.

Inner Realm is a fragrance for her first marketed in 1997; it displays elements of sandalwood and peony with a special focus on jasmine, oak moss, bergamot, and sage. It's versatile, so it can be used on a regular basis as a daytime perfume, even if there's plenty of mystery hidden in the arms of this bottle. Realm for him, dating from 1993, blends in ginger and mandarin, berry and watery notes, only to create a powerful scent that can be worn at anytime during the day. In a different register, Realm for her by Erox is much milder and imprecise: vanilla and amber render an aura that will surround you for days; particularly soft and suggestive, this is perfect for women who like a sense of ambiguity in their lives.

When it comes to design, Erox is not particularly focused on a special color scheme or a contour. On the contrary, it displays eclectic elements reflecting the strong nature of the fragrances; it features various styles as to suggest that there's nothing as complicated as a well-balanced perfume; it uses contrasting elements (such as colors, lines, textures, etc.) implying notions like international fragrances, complementary ingredients, and opposite components.

Buy Erox online and take advantage of excellent offers on special occasions or otherwise; Erox has already managed to create an image of its own and online sellers use this image to attract you by cutting the prices of these products. If you order more than one bottle in the first place, you may be given a significant discount that will allow you to order even more when you come back.