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Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Maffeolit Ungaro was born on 13 February, in 1933 in France. He is a fashion designer, that mostly works in France. His first clothing collection fore men was launched in 1973 and it was named Ungaro Uomo. In 1977 his first perfume was launched and it was named Ungaro. In 2008, in collaboration with Avon company, Emanuel Ungaro launched a new lines of fragrances, such as U by Ungaro for Him and U by Ungaro for Her. Also, actress Reese Witherspoon was advertising this campaign.

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Men at a Different Level - Emanuel Ungaro Perfumes

Ever since 1973, Emanuel Ungaro has launched every now and then various fragrances, most of them addressing to men and women with a taste for the high urban culture. This specific niche, encompassing eclectic elements from both the international tradition of the last century (as depicted from the evolution of fashion design) and the Continental culture of postwar France, has developed into a very elegant and precise set of features, based on a few, well-defined concepts: excellence; progressive elements; abstract design; intuition; and, last but not least, finesse (which is a peculiar feature, directly related to products advertised by this brand).

Some perfumes bearing the name Emanuel Ungaro are simply astonishing. Try Apparition Wild Orange for the perfect equilibrium of the bouquet and for the design (this is, by all means, one of the most beautiful bottles we've encountered). As a counterpart, Apparition Exotic Green brings an air of manly confidence to women who want to display a strong and self-reliant look. Aparition Sky is another interesting concept displaying notes of oak moss and narcissus, while Diva brings traces of roses into your life. It's actually very difficult to choose when it comes to products advertised by Emanuel Ungaro, because there are so many options and the degree of complexity is so high that you can't really make a choice without losing other important elements, from other varieties or fragrances.

Take a close look at the design elements advertised by this brand. The color schemes basically encompass each and every color, yet the products look simple and distinguished. This is a clear sign that we're dealing with an exquisite brand that has transformed its interest in the way its products look into a tradition. The excellence of lines, the superb details, and the dismissive contours of the volumes create a symphony of strategic elements that bring nature back into your life and give you a sense of perfection.

When thinking about the quality of these products, the prices you can get them at are just perfect. If you want to benefit from further reductions and discounts, it's better if you try to establish a long-term relation with an online retailer. This will bring you advantages in the long and run.