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Ellen Tracy

Ellen Tracy is fashion designer for women, who has passion for the life and lives in the moment, not for a moment. The Ellen Tracy's fashion collections take the seasons right off. With her clothing collection women can be ready for any type of weather, whether it's showing, ruining or sunny. Ellen Tracy launched her own collection of fragrances, that will help women to feel even more confident, sexy and desirable.

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Ellen Tracy - Fashion in the Urban Way

Romantic brands have witnessed and increased interest during the past years, especially due to the fact that people all over the world have become completely fed up with avant-garde products. From this perspective, Ellen Tracy perfumes are nothing short from perfect for today's market: they are complex enough to please even the most reluctant connoisseurs and focused on romantic solutions for women of all ages. The product lines we've seen from this brand are at the same time discreet and vigorously versatile, a combination which makes them perfect for contemporary realities. Here are a few examples.

Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy is an oriental, slightly sharp fragrance perfect for evening parties or for the occasions when you want to leave a sense of mystery around you. The spicy, flowery, and woody notes intermingle and suggest both the elegance of a lady and the determination of a business woman. Ellen, on the other side, is simpler in the first place, but it leaves its effects for the last moment, when it explodes in a strong and very intense bouquet, encompassing wild flowers and sweet spices. Peony Rose is much more open than the first two and it brings (you can guess it from the name) freshness and supplementary sweetness to the bouquet. Suitable for your women, it is a good symbol for youth and forcefulness.

At a first glance the design options of this brand may seem strange, if not peculiar: Ellen Tracy perfumes display a combination of minimalist boxes (that are generally suitable for more casual perfumes or for more sharp tones) and bottles featuring art-deco elements. This eclectic combination is however justified, provided that we understand the way Ellen Tracy perceives romanticism: as a light, yet powerful combination of contrasting elements and complimentary sensations and feelings.

In order to get your favorite Ellen Tracy perfume, all you need to do is to place an online order. Even so, if you want to take advantage of great prices, you should order more in the first place and get contextual discounts. Irrespective of your situation or choice, discounts will affect your budget and will allow you to increase the quantity or the number of products on future orders.