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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is an American actress from Great Britain. She is a former child of the star and her childhood was surrounded by talented and beautiful people, which were her parents. When she grew up, the memories of her childhood inspired her to be a leader in the beauty industry, this is how she decided to start a launch of fragrances and make up. Her White Diamonds fragrance is one of the top 10 best selling fragrances for more than 10 years and Elizabeth Taylor celebrated the 15th anniversary of this fragrance tribute.

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Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes - Passion, Complexity, and Distinction

Sometimes, a name is all that it takes to define an entire line of products or even a brand. The perfumes and eau de colognes bearing the name of Elizabeth Taylor are simply stunning: the graceful design of each bottle and box in particular, together with the eclectic nature of the fragrances create a superb and fabulous blend that is difficult to be equaled. When you buy products from this brand you're actually paying for three different things: the quality of the scent, the complexity of the entire package, and the elegant insertion of each detail into the context. Even if you have an excellent eye for such details, you'll often come to the point when you'll notice new elements days and weeks after purchasing the item.

Elizabeth Taylor products are made with passion and dedication; as such, they are the perfect example of how experience and quality ingredients can be blended into the same bottle. Take Black Pearls, for example. The transparence of the glass is a continuous dialogue with the rose and amber notes of the fragrance. Violet Eyes, on the other hand, displays a light elegant touch of violets and flowery tones with a groundbreaking effect on the market. Based on musk, peony, orchid, and, of course, gardenia, Gardenia is as light as its name. Fresh and adaptable, it is perfect as a daytime perfume, just like Diamonds and Sapphires is.

The unprecedented complexity of the design solutions presented by Elizabeth Taylor perfumes is a sign that we're dealing with an important brand. Versatile, flexible, and assertive, each bottle presents something new: the transparence of Violet Eyes, the cap in the shape of a flower of Gardenia, the silky touch of White Diamonds, the Bordeaux box of Diamonds and Rubies, or the pearl-like finishing of Forever Elizabeth are all distinctive elements of a powerful brand interested in distinction and perfection.

If you want to buy Elizabeth Taylor products and be on the safe side, you need to find a dealer online and check the authenticity of the perfume. If these check out, order more than one bottle at a time and you can benefit from fabulous discounts in the long and short run.