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Elizabeth Arden

“White Diamonds” perfume by Elizabeth Arden's was the number one best selling fragrance in The United States in 1991. The Elizabeth Arden company's fine collection of cosmetics and fragrances remains to gain numerous top quality awards and certificates. The signature color of Elizabeth Arden's brand is pink, that should be in every womens inventory.

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Elizabeth Arden - A Way of Understanding Elegance

Some call it intuition, but displaying an entire range of products that get to have success to the large public definitely hides more than that. It's a sign that the brand is already important enough to understand that without tradition, experience, and professionalism you're nothing in this industry. Elizabeth Arden perfumes and skin care products are the perfect illustration of how products with a strong design and compelling formulas can get to the top sells in less than a year. It was the case of White Diamonds, back in 1991, when Elizabeth Arden perfumes came to the attention of the general public and the brand has remained in a similar position ever since.

Light and distinguished, the products render a sense of solid understanding of the way one should take care of his or her skin and, more importantly, of how one should use perfumes. 5th Avenue, with its special blend of vanilla, nutmeg, and peach is simply perfect for evenings out. Add the magnolia and lilac effects, and you get an exquisitely balanced combination of softness and boldness - something men find irresistible. Millennium Night Renewal Cream, on the other hand, helps your skin by completing the lack of moisture with healthy nutrients during the night. Excellent for sensitive types of skin, this formula has been praised on so many occasions that it has become a landmark in the industry. Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara redefines the length of your lashes without flaking, smudging, or clumping them.

Elizabeth Arden products are definitely good looking. In the USA, for example, they are landmarks and references for many people who have a special interest in the design of such products. Intuitive color schemes and discreet combinations of contrasting colors mark the nature of these recipients, even though, to some extent, repetitive patterns are visible. However, if you take a close look, you'll soon remark that the repetition is intended to mark the fact that a product belongs to a specific collection or product line.

Elizabeth Arden products are cheap if you take into account the quality of the formulas. Purchase online and benefit from large deductions and discounts, especially if you stick to the same online shop from one order to another. And trust us, it's worth it.