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ELC is a company that manufactures hair care products. The company was founded in 2004. All their products contain anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulas, that contain such ingredients such kiwi, green tea, olive oil and other top quality natural ingredients, that are developed to restore and keep hair healthy. The products slow down the aging process of hair. The company follows the traditions of Chinese medicine, that promotes the blend of fashion finishes. ELS offers professional full service goods, that can be acquired in both local salons & boutiques and luxury salons.

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ELC - Dao of Hair Philosophies

ELC is a brand of natural hair care products established in 2004. All their products feature anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulas, based on kiwi, olive oil, green tea, and other high-quality and organic ingredients meant to restore and maintain hair health, slow down the aging process of hair, and prolong hair color in a 100% natural way, based on natural traditional Chinese medicine, with soft chemicals blend together for the wellbeing of the scalp and hair, with a touch of fashion finishes. ELS offers professional full service products, available in both local salons & boutiques and luxury salons; you can also purchase valued-priced ELC green hair solutions online.

The most popular ELC hair care products are grouped in a couple of distinct collections: the RD (Repair Damage) collection (RD Hair Spray, RD Hair Shine, RD 5 - Hair Renewal Treatment, RD 7 - Hair & Scalp Renewal, RD Texture Cream, RD Healing Shampoo & Conditioner, RD Hair Serum Keratin Repair, and RD Protein Cream Plus w/DaoPlex) and the Pure Olove collection (Shampoo & Conditioner, Scalp Balancing, Hair Treatment, Hair Spray, Bobo Capture Foam, Sculpting Lotion, Molding Clay, Styling Straightening Dew, Spiker Styling Glue, Moisturizing Serum, Colorful Conditioner, Instant Treatment, Moisturizing Pomade, and Moisture Leave-In Treatment).

The ELC brand of products is easy to recognize due to its unique color scheme: violet-magenta-pink for the RD line and glossy green-light spring bud green-lime-green jade for the Pure Olove collection. The ELC logo consists of a larger "L" flanked by "E" and "C". The RD collection is easily identifiable by the two slightly overlapped letters, while the Pure Olove collection is represented by an iconic mark: the second "o" is an olive fruit, emphasizing the bland of words olive & love. The plastic boxes and bottles are rather inconspicuous.

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