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Elasta QP

Elasta QP offers an extraordinary, top quality hair care products for men and women. The products are innovative, that promote the vitality and strength of the hair. The company develops exceptional hair care products that help to restore damaged hair and protect the color of the hair. EQP is designed for women who want to keep their hair easy to manage and style every day. After using Elsata QP products the hair looks healthy and silky. The company has developed hair care line for men. In 2009, ElastaQP celebrated their 25 anniversary Professional & Retail Consumer product line.

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Elasta QP Celebrating Hair Diversity

Keeping up with a tradition of excellence of almost three decades now, Elasta QP is a hair care brand of the Strength of Nature International House of Brands, providing bath & conditioning, as well as styling & finishing solutions recommended by both certified stylists and fans. The new Elasta QP addresses the needs of diverse customers, both men and women, with a special stress on multicultural specificity. Elasta QP vitamin-rich products are highly available: you can purchase most of their olive-oil hair formulas from lots of reputed retailers, including our e-store.

Popular Elasta QP products include deep gentle cleansing shampoos (Stop-Action, Relaxed Hair, Créme Conditioning Shampoo, Bodifying Shampoo, etc.), conditioners to replenish lost moisture, control static, and provide better detangling and manageability (Recovery, Leave-In H2, DPR-11, Intense, etc.), extra glaze hair formulas (Max Hold Glaze, Polisher Serum, Design Spritz, Polisher Spray, etc.), intensive lines solutions and treatments to fortify weak damaged hair, increase color retention and improve strength and elasticity (Stimulating Conditioner and Shampoo, Breakage Control Serum, Mango Butter Moisturizer, etc.), Styling and finishing products with maximum hold and vitamins for a healthier and shinier feel (Super Gro, Feels Like Silk, Design Silk, Design Foam, Curl Wax, etc.), easy-to-use professional conditioning relaxers with moisturizers and emollients, enhanced with proteins and silicones (available in a variety of items according to action intensity: mild, regular, and super), relaxer kits (Sensitive, Normal, and Resistant relaxers, for 1 to 12 applications), and a line of super formulas and professional products for extra body, silkiness, and radiance for all hair textures (Intense, Shampoo for Relaxed Hair, Power Gel, Stop Action Shampoo, etc.). Elasta QP has announced a new line of fine hair products rich in vitamins, protein, and Omega 3 and 6, featuring anti-breakage organic soy oil-based formulas for greater hair protection.

All the packaging solutions from Elasta QP are particularly elegant looking. The Elasta QP logo consists of the word "Elasta"-a carefully chosen term offering a bold suggestion of flexibility, elasticity, and buoyancy-over the letters "QP" discretely stylized in a wavy, silky shape, inside a black box, as a very effective illustration of hair care preparations. Customers can easily distinguish at a simple glance between Elasta QP for men and their line of products for women, based on using radically different color codes (men's products come in black-gray packaging solutions). Indulge in this fantastic hair delight and order Elasta QP right now!