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Edge is a cosmetic company that manufactures shaving gels and it belongs to Energizer Holdings. Edge has a particularly attractive presence in the industry of grooming products for men, adding some joy to daily shaving and skin care routine. The motto of the company is that not all men are the same. That is why the company has developed lines for each men in particular. There are different types of products that are suitable for all types of hair. There are a wide variety of gels to choose from. Every men can find the best shaving gel for their skin among the shaving gels collections.

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Eddie Bauer's Surprising Fragrances

A brand of shaving gel by Energizer Holdings, Egde has a particularly appealing presence on the market of grooming products for men, adding some anticipation to daily shaving routine.

Not all men are the same. Diverse skin types need different grooming treatments. There are a number of Edge gel varieties to choose from and you can definitely find the best shaving gel for your skin among the items on this list. Edge product range includes:

  • Edge Sensitive Skin (orange) - a special formula with Aloe Vera;
  • Edge Normal Skin (green forest)-best for everyday use;
  • Edge Extra Protection (magenta)-formulated with extra lubricants;
  • Edge Ultra Sensitive Skin (grey)-dyes and perfumes free principle;
  • Edge Extra Moisturizing (violet)-an extra-hydration concept, with Vitamin E;
  • Edge Soothing Aloe (spring green)-a perfected edition of Edge Sensitive Skin, with twice as much Aloe Vera;
  • Edge Ampt Eclipse (orange)-scented edition for your 5 o'clock shadow;
  • Edge Ampt Defiance (green)-impulsive, bold fragrance with extra moisture;
  • Edge Ampt Atomic (light blue)-extra Aloe Vera concept for a comfortable, refreshing shaving routine.

Did you know that shaving gels dispensed from an aerosol can are a pretty late invention (precisely, from the late 1980s)? Edge shaving gels are packed in simple aerosol cans, in keeping with a specific color code. The Ampt line consists of three distinct products packed in black cans with a touch of glowing color (orange, green, and blue), while the rest of the Edge shaving gels come in cans with vividly colored caps. The Edge logo features a retro thick typing font, pretty illustrative for this niche of products and easy to recognize. All Edge products are advertised with key concepts: TLC, Designed, Smooth, Love, Moisture, This, Eclipse, Defiance, Atomic, etc., assisting the customers in picking up an item that best matches their needs.

Avoid razor burns, bumps, and ingrown hair effectively, get a smooth shave, keep away from cuts, nicks, & irritation, and find just enough lubrication with Edge! Buy cheap Edge at our e-store now and benefit from tons of discounted prices, fast processing of your order, and prompt delivery.