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Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Holdings Incorporation was founded in 1920. Under this brand label, they designed their first patented down jacket and the first mountaineering parka. The most popular and signature clothes was outerwear and gear, accessories and shoes. The Eddie Bauer has expanded it line in the field of perfumery, which was something new for the company. The fragrances were dynamic, strong and refreshing. Some of the original Eddie Bauer's fragrances have been discontinued and it is not very easy to find his fragrances in the stores.

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Eddie Bauer's Surprising Fragrances

Eddie Bauer Holdings Inc. was established in 1920; under this brand name, they created the first patented down jacket, the fist down flight suit, and the first mountaineering parka. Perhaps better known for its signature outerwear/gear, clothing, accessories and shoes, the Eddie Bauer store chain also operates in the field of perfumery-an entirely new product category, with dynamic, strong and refreshing fragrances. Some of the original Eddie Bauer's colognes have been discontinued and are thus rare items, not very easy to find.

The Eddie Bauer men's fragrances are formulated for the outdoors, sporty type. Women's editions include Pure Eddies Bauer Women eau de toilette spray, Balance Women eau de toilette splash and body cream, and Beyond Eddies Bauer Women eau de toilette spray, while the most popular men's fragrances are Adventurer eau de toilette splash and Pure man eau de cologne. The long lasting scent of the Adventurer by Eddie Bauer features pine, tobacco, and citrus, being intended for casual use. Men's line consists of aftershave, aftershave balm, cologne spray, soap, shower gel, and even razors.

The Eddie Bauer colognes and aftershaves come in thick-glass deep-forest green bottles featuring rawhide and rough paper. These bottles are rather inconspicuous, making you think of an old-fashioned country barbershop where you can read the local newspaper while waiting to get a quick haircut. The Eddie Bauer's handwritten logo, as well as their pictographic logo, looks simply interesting as opposed to other similar brands on the market, thus giving you the opportunity to really try something new.

These men's grooming products reflect the lifestyle of an active man. The ideal customer for Eddie Bauer's cosmetics is definitely not a metrosexual. However, if you are the cowboy, the hunter, the backpacker, or the fisherman type, this may be precisely what you're looking for. Check out the Eddie Bauer products in our stock! Buy now and save money! And do it soon, so that you make sure you get the chance to buy from a line that will never get on the market again. At least, these seem to be the rumors for the time being.