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Ed Pinaud

Edouard Pinaud was born in 1810, in France. He acquired his skills in the art of perfumery from one of the greatest masters of the time. The luxury perfumes, colognes and pomades he created under his own name made his house of fragrance just as famous as the houses of Chanel and Dior. Pinaud's clients were celebrities, presidents and royal family members. He was highly appreciated by Queen Victoria. The extraordinary perfumer launched his Clubman line of treatment products, which is now belongs to American International Industries and located in Los Angeles.

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Master Perfumer Ed Pinaud-Scents of Paris

Edouard Pinaud was born in France in 1810. He studied the art of perfumery with Charles Antoine Zanoli-one of the greatest masters of the time. The luxury fragrances, colognes and pomades he created under his own brand made his house of perfumery just as famous as the later houses of Chanel and Dior. Pinaud's illustrious clients included presidents, kings, queens, sultans, maharajahs, and other royalties. Highly appreciated by Queen Victoria, Edouar Pinaud was an official supplier of fine soap and perfume for Napoleon III who appointed him the court perfumer. Victor Hugo and Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin were also customers of the house of Ed Pinaud. Even James Bond-Fleming's character used Pinaud. The extraordinary perfumer launched his Clubman line of grooming products, which is now the property of American International Industries, Los Angeles, California. The Clubman was most popular in the 1960s.

Styling gels, hair tonics and sprays, hair color solutions, shampoos, shave lotions, talk, and deodorants are just some examples of products other than fragrances formulated by this house of perfumery over time. Clubman's specialties include a wide range of products for him: the Blue Waltz fragrance, the Clubman Styptic Pencil, the Clubman Moustahe kit, the Clubman Nick Relief, the Clubman Shaving Gel, the Clubman Baby Hair Lotion, etc. The legendary Lilac Vegetal Aftershave Lotion and Eau De Quinine Cologne are perhaps Pinaud's best sellers; however, contemporary Clubman colognes and aftershaves come in a far more extensive range as compared to the historical editions by Ed Pinaud.

The mysteriously masculine musk, rum, lavender, lilac, lemongrass, carnation, lime, or bergamot fragrances and aftershave lotions by Ed Pinaud come in nice retro bottles that are supposed to remind the nostalgic the atmosphere of the old barber's shops at the turn of the 20th century. However, the bottles originally used by Edouard Pinaud were made of fine glass; since the 1990s, the entire Pinaud line of products has been packed plastic bottles which do have a certain charm, but are less classy than their former equivalents.

Although Ed Pinaud is an umbrella brand including make-up items, fine jewelry, and luxury fragrances, most customers associate the house of Pinaud with the niche grooming products. Take advantage of our special prices and pamper yourself with original aftershave lotions, talc and hair styling solutions formulated by Ed Pinaud!