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Ducati is an Italian fashion company that was established in 1926 by Launtino Mavricci. Launtino Mavricci became acclaimed as a fashion designer in 1930, after introducing his first clothing collection for men. Later on he decided to launch his first men's cologne. His first cologne was introduced in 1966 and it was named “Ducati”. After that another cologne was introduced and it was called “Victory”. Now this brand is being sold mainly in Italy.

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Ducati - Another Type of Speed

In the area of contemporary perfumes, Ducati doesn't necessarily occupy a top place, even if the main fragrance associated to this brand is exquisite and elegant. However, those interested in this brand won't buy it for its relevance in the field, but for the image, for the style, and, ultimately, for speed. There's no other word with more meanings than speed when talking about Ducati, and this basic principle or concept has transgressed from motorcycles to perfumes in the most natural and innocent manner. In conclusion, Ducati perfumes are a blend of intelligent design, image, and intuition of fragrances mirroring this idea.

Ducati by Ducati is nothing short from perfect; creative and impulsive, it has a strange and compelling olfactory pyramid behind: bergamot, juniper, fig leaves, and grapefruit as top notes, nutmeg in the heart, and musk and woody aromas as base. Don't fall for either of these ingredients just yet, because the bouquet has very complex effects and you need to have quite a nose to determine ingredients one at a time. It is best if you let your senses flow and perceive the aroma as it comes: with great speed, intuition, and style, just like a Ducati motorcycle.

A horizontal red line slices the cap into two approximately equal parts and it reminds of the original design used by Ducati in its industrial field of expertise. The cap itself is made of a grey metal, which mirrors the silver elements on the bottle. The rest of the bottle is transparent and is made of a crystal-clear glass to let you take a quick glance at the fragrance hidden inside. This continuous game between exterior elements and interior mysteries defines the very nature of Ducati and brings a special air of uncertainty and elegance to the entire brand.

If you like motorcycles, if you like speed, if you care for your casual perfume and for your budget, order Ducati perfumes online. They are cheap and quite affordable, provided that you've found a good retailer to assist you with the process. After receiving your order, you'll remark that there are few products as intriguing and mysterious as Ducati products.