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Dsquared2 was established in 1998 in New York and the founders are twin brothers Dan and Dean Caten. In 1991 brothers have introduced their first ready-to-wear collection in Italy. After several major cooperations with some of the well-known designers, brothers launched the series of men's perfume and colognes in 2001. The fragrances had strong masculine scent and soon they become very popular. Dsquared2 perfumes are being sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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Minimalism and Abstract Design with Dsquared2

As opposed to other similar brands on the market, Dsquared2 displays neither a very wide range of products, nor innumerable fragrances. However, it is simple without being simplistic and it bears a certain air that is rare to be found in contemporary cosmetics and perfume-related solutions. The two elements remarked in the title are exactly the definition of this brand: a light, yet powerful combination of essential elements and lack of a specific image. Dsquared2 is for urban people or for people who have had enough with various thematic products and are looking for something else, for something more intense and eclectic.

He Wood is a spectacular fragrance, encompassing aromas of violet leaves, white fir, and amber. Its aquatic notes, its airy consistence, and the simplicity of its nature make it an excellent solution for both women and men, even if this fragrance has been advertised for him. Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared2 is an alternative to the variety described above. It renders virility and masculinity by notes of tonka bean, patchouli, and cedar wood, but it also redefines freshness with a particular base made of violet leaves and musk. It is dedicated to him and it should be worn by elegant men during meetings, parties, or at social gatherings. She Wood, on the other side, reinterprets the natural tones of a feminine scent with the use of neroli bigarade, vegetal amber, and lemon.

Pay special attention to the syntactic meaning of the design adopted by this brand. Minimalism has seldom been as elegant as it is here: the boxes use a very distinguished color scheme (dark grey and metal amber or light pink and reddish gold) to set apart from other products on the market. Profiles are cut in short and clear lines, with few, very effective details and insertions. Fonts are simple and somehow dismissive. As for the bottles, they are surrounded by a wood-like case to increase the authenticity of the products.

Buy Dsquared2 when you get the chance; they are rare and worth having if you want to taste from the benefits of an exquisite fragrance. And, even more than that, they come at excellent prices and usually qualify for contextual discounts.