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Dove is a personal skin care German brand for home use. The company belongs to Unilever Industry. Dove is mainly made from salts of vegetable oils (sodium palmate from palm kernel), synthetic surfactants, and salts of animal fats (sodium tallowate from cow's fat). Dove contains tallow- which is animal fat and for this reason vegans and vegetarians resist using the company's products. Dove's formula is pH neutral.

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Dove - Silkiness, Smoothness and So Much More

The impressive offer presented by Dove at an international level is a distinctive sign that this is by no means a second-hand brand. Displaying solutions for each and every possible problem you might have with your skin, Dove is dedicated to reach perfection in a field that has proved to be extremely difficult to cover by other brands. If you don't like risks and consider that professional products are suitable for your everyday use, Dove is definitely worth trying. Pay special attention to the fact that there is a very clear difference between products advertised locally and original Dove products. To stay away from scams, you need to stick to the latter.

The Dove varieties available on the market are so numerous that it comes in difficult to be mentioned in one single article or paragraph. Try Go Fresh Cool Essentials to experience the bright nature of an excellent antiperspirant; buy Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner to find out a new way of taking care of your body; or see the difference between regular products and perfection with Pink/Rosa Beauty Bars. Regardless of your choice, bear in mind that Dove items are specifically designed to meet your tastes; as such, it is difficult to purchase a product you won't like or a product you won't find satisfactory.

Dove is unique when it comes to design: light recipients, bottles, and boxes define each and every product from this brand. They are easy to handle, very portable and are just perfect for regular use at home and on the go. Conceptually simple and elegant, they teach us that modern products shouldn't necessarily look extremely complex; and they also teach us that the ideal skin care product is an item focused on the formula, and only then interested in the shape of the bottle.

If you care for your budget (and who doesn't) the best way to take advantage of excellent Dove products is to order online. Online purchases are both safe and effective and they bring you the huge advantage of 24/7 availability. Order when you want, what you want, and, more importantly, the quantity you want. From this perspective, Dove products are one of your best options today.