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The Dial company, is a subsidiary of Henkel Corporation. The company produces personal care products. The company is located in America. First product that was introduced in 1948 and it was deodorant soap, that remains one of its signature products. In 2004, the company was sold to Henkel. The company's products are being sold in more than 120 stores all over the world. Now there are more than 50 products in Dial collection.

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Dial, Your Everyday Friend

Known widely for its various range of products, Dial is a notorious producer. Found in every little corner of the cosmetics department, be it soap, shampoo, body wash, body cream, Dial is well received for the diversity of products it offers at very reasonable prices.

Some of the products like 3-D All Day Odor Defense Body Wash, Antioxidant Body Wash with Cranberry & Antioxidant Pearl or Clean and Refresh Antibacterial Lavender & Twilight Jasmine Body Wash do show how inclined Dial is in promoting products of such different conceptions. Combining the slender taste of lavender with the right ingredients in order to obtain a great texture for a body wash and harmonizing a sum or antioxidants with the fine cranberry flavor are but a few of Dial's magic tricks in the quest for new and long-lasting quality products. As one can easily notice, the price tag for such products is not one to keep you at a safe distance. On the contrary, it is almost every time a price to encourage you to keep purchasing your favorite choices or to try new ones. The platform used to display and describe the products online, seems to have been a good choice in promoting Dials idea among the buyers.

The variety in products is accompanied by a variety in packages as well. Boxes are nicely colored, displaying all the qualities of the products, and bottles come in the most unusual shapes and colors meant to encourage the consumer to make contact with them. As different as they are from one another, each one does carry the same quality and performance. The package is built to outlive the product and this is an undisputable plus for Dial. Not a very common feature among the competitor's products, this one comes to complete the wide range of qualities these products have embedded. Dial, a producer which we may say is uncommonly needed on the market, has brought innovation and the specific of this brand with each new generation of products. Ideas promoted turned into reality, with such high results confirmed by the great volume of sales.