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Derrick fragrances are created with the great taste and style. The company was founded in 1997 and the first fragrance that was introduced to the market was “Angel”. Later on the second fragrance was introduced. The company produces mainly fragrance for women. Now the company has more than 10 fragrances in its collection.

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Derrick - Cologne and Fragrance in a Crystal Drop

Following great names, this well-known brand has found its place in the line of the important makers affiliated to this industry. Cologne and fragrance are of great importance for each and every one of us, and Derrick seems to have taken that into account. Seriousness, as well as attention, is the one thing necessary in our attempt to outline the main directions Derrick's products follow.

Great fragrances and created with great taste, they bring and keep an exotic ambient whenever and wherever they are used. No need to search for a good fragrance; here is the right place to find the perfect one for you. With a wide range of scents, from early spring flowers to autumn breeze one can hardly claim not to find its own self within these products. Light colors, with the taste of pure freedom they also seem to have featured the perfect texture to match what they were intended for. Seductive, yet keeping a conservative note, they do tend to aim for that special need of uniqueness. With high intensity, you will be enchanted by the great mystery that surrounds them.

The nice architecture used to conceive the bottles, has brought a great improvement in the entire industry. Fine shapes and modern design are just a few things to describe the exquisite way the packages were meant to look; and they do look great! The manner in which Derrick treats its customers is revealed by the attention they put into presenting their products in a proper way. So, on this premises, no matter where you look for Derrick's goods, online or on the shelves, your sight will be caught by them.

Not easy to find, pure sensation at a low price is one of the benefits in these products. Considering the large amount of goods found for sale in this category, to be able to bring quality products, with new notes of tenderness and original sonority on the market is one undeniable merit of Derrick's, increases in demand for these products at a global level being thus justified.