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For more than 35 years the Decleor company has been producing top quality skin care products. At that time it was named CLEOR. Later on the name was changed to Decleor. All this time the company stays true to their believes and philosophy that can be expressed in simple words "Be more than skin-deep". The products are absolutely natural and are made from organic ingredients. Now the company has developed more than 30 skin care products.

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Follow Your Destiny by Decleor

To be important means to be part of a greater thing and with each one of its products Decleor progressively did ascend to a higher and more respectable place in its field. Ready to contribute in its own way to the modern developments in this area, Decleor has conceived a wide range of products.

Searching for better solutions to supply the skin with vitamins and minerals necessary for a good health and great aspect, Decleor recently has presented some products like Aroma Purete Instant Purifying Mask - Combination to Oily Skin with a new and improved formula. With an absorbent texture it tightens the pores acting deep in the skin to restore balance. A healthy skin is so important for everyone, and to take care of it in the proper way is just a step away. For example Aromessence Angelique Night Balm is one cream you shouldn't miss for the world. Easy to apply with no side effects, it acts in minutes, results being easily noticed. It is an optimal choice for a dehydrated skin and its action is coordinated with your body's biorhythm, acting at night when the process of regeneration of the skin is at its maximum.

Intended mostly for feminine use, the design and color of these products match entirely a woman's dressing room. Brightly colored, most of the cans and tubes have been designed to ease the usage of the products. Every one of Decleor's packaging spreads the feeling of smoothness; be it a sun lotion, a shampoo, a skin cream or cleansing solution, the shapes of bottles and the name of this brand do awake some passionate feelings. With such a great number of products sold over the phone, online or in regular stores, Decleor has gotten itself in a good position among the other producers on the market.

To blend such quality products with cheap prices has been transformed by Decleor into an art. With Decleor, each sale is treated special and each customer is treated just about the same, as a unique chance to reach that special thing called final contempt.