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DC Design

DC Design is a perfume company that was established in 1997. The first fragrance named “Drop of freshness” was introduced. The fragrance was very popular in Europe, were people prefer strong and woody fragrances. Later on the second perfume for women was introduced. Now the company has more than 15 fragrances in their collection, that can be acquired in the markets.

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A Drop of Freshness from DC Design

It is a well-known fact that modernism comes as a threat for any conservationism; however, in this case, the two might be in the perfect spin for a very balanced combination. Aspiring to create products able to satisfy great comfort and pleasure for every consumer regardless their previous preferences, DC Design did a wonderful job giving life to genuine products, remarkable anywhere by everyone.

Touching and sensitive, every time you get to use them, these products repeatedly bring up to surface the same feelings you once experienced. With the magnificent capacity as to induce great, lively feelings, such special fragrances are not easy to identify. Observed by the fruity notes they carry and the blend of woods, they justify the shopper's opinion of them as sharp and mossy perfumes. Chapeau Borsal, is an excellent choice to reveal the hidden qualities built within DC Design's fragrances. Sold in very high numbers in short periods of time, this perfume is destined to bring relaxation and enjoyment.

With the perpetual tendency toward a professional look, the container used consists in very modern shaped glasses, enriched with various types of models. Same as the texture of these fragrances, the packaging seem to have evolved in time. The little boxes built to fit the bottles keep the same look, displaying an expensive look altogether. Cheap and easy to purchase online and / or in your favorite store, these fragrances are something to remember. Friends and colleagues do remember your fragrance too, and that is something to rely on. To make such an impression as to create memories not only for you but also for those around you, must give a special value to DC Design's creations. With goods of high value, life is boosted and opportunities are widely open; closed doors open for you as well as more smiles around will turn in a greater contempt.

History is made by the little things and so are memories. DC Design managed to influence them both proving its value in the day by day life through a great number of highly appreciated creations.