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Day Off

The company launched its first fragrance in 1999. The fragrance was named “Hallo”. The fragrance was very popular for its unique scent. It contains ginger, sandalwood and patchouli. Later on the second fragrance was launched. Now the company has launched and introduced to the market more than 10 fragrances.

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Feel the Freedom with the Day Off

Centered on the consumer, Day Off has shown a true power of character in promoting excellence with every new creation. From its first moments on the market, Day Off has been noted as to aim high, giving life to products of unmatched stile.

With a simple look at the very talented Day Off we can find the very specifics of its products, materialized in element of elegance and distinguished quality. The fragrance sharing the name with the brand, Day Off, is one of the few very representative products for this company. Combining the thin lavender aroma, with just a bit of cedar and apple, Day Off does bring freshness where needed. Every new breath after you got to taste the sweetness of this great fragrance comes to bring you to a new beginning and to make you understand that few scents can be a real match for this one. Slender traces of lemon and bergamot along with ginger, do give its air of full accomplishment.

Packaging of high quality, mastered to match great and expensive clothing and furniture as well, do impress from the first look. Drawings meant to keep your eyes on the fragrance, show a great ingenuity, and the mixture of colors displayed on the sides of the can of boxes is also worth to observe. With a price to overcome competition, it does make you look unpardonable not to have one of these fragrances well fitted within your cosmetic cabinet. Although not cheap itself, it does carry cheap prices at times, offers varying from the online environment to the one in the stores. Packed in different and puzzled packages, it impress every time through originality and the high class look it exposes.

Part of numerous exhibits, Day Off has been largely appreciated by the multitude of elements kept across time integrated in its products. Able to fetch a great product, every time they put their mind to it, Day Off managed to establish a perfect line of products, competitive on the market and appreciated by each and every one as fortunate as to own them.